Zero: Black Blood - Netflix

Rei Suzumura, Zero the Silver Fanged Knight, is patrolling on his own when he encounters the white Horror Ring, who has created a commune where Horrors and humans live together in harmony, so long as one human a month allows themselves to be devoured by the Horrors. Rei, along with Makai Priest Cain and the knight-in-training Yuna are ordered by the Makai Senate to slay Ring and free the humans under his thrall by means of Yuna's mother the Makai Priestess Iyu.

Zero: Black Blood - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-05

Zero: Black Blood - As Blood Runs Black - Netflix

As Blood Runs Black was an American deathcore band from Los Angeles, California. They have released three albums. Their first album, Allegiance, was released on June 6, 2006. Their second album, Instinct, was released on March 15, 2011. Instinct reached number 1 on the Billboard Heatseakers Albums chart and number 111 on the Billboard 200 for the week of April 2, 2011. On June 30, 2013, As Blood Runs Black announced that they will be self-releasing their newest album, Ground Zero, with the help of crowdfunding via IndieGoGo; this was successful and the album was released on October 27, 2014.

Zero: Black Blood - Departure of Chris Blair and Sal Roldan, and temporary vocalists (2008–2009) - Netflix

In late 2008, Christopher Blair and Sal Roldan left the band before the Australian tour in 2008. Sean Murphy from hardcore band Endwell filled in on vocals for the rest of the tour and the remainder of the year. In 2009, As Blood Runs Black brought in Danny Leal as a temporary vocalist, as Leal was vocalist for the up-and-coming deathcore band Upon a Burning Body. Leal would tour with As Blood Runs Black for the first half of the year before leaving to return to Upon A Burning Body. Jonny McBee, vocalist of deathcore act The Browning, was brought in as a temporary vocalist, and would tour for the remainder of the year. During 2009 Chris Blair recorded what's known as “Instinct” in Undercity Recording Inc.

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