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Yago is a 28 year old tough and rude young man raised in the jungle of north Argentina by his father who taught him how to survive in such a wild environment. Although he can read and write, Yago has given up on being educated. Morena is a Peruvian girl in her 20's who has studied in New York and is financially independent. Unfortunately, she's not so lucky in terms of love since she's always picked the wrong man. Morena travels as a tourist to the Iguaçu Falls in the middle of the jungle where she meets Yago. They have a love affair but their relationship doesn't work out because of their marked social and personal differences. She then flies to Buenos Aires to search for her grandfather and in the meantime she gets a job at company called Sireno. At the same time, Yago learns that the man who raised him is not his actual father and that his real family name is Sireno. He travels to Buenos Aires intending to trace back his real family only to find Morena once again. At the end Morena will help him get adapted to the city rules and new social behavior, and eventually they will fall helplessly in love.

Yago, pasion Morena - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-05-14

Yago, pasion Morena - Gianella Neyra - Netflix

Gianella Neyra Magagna (born 1977 in Camaná Arequipa, Peru), is a Peruvian actress and model.

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Neyra began acting at the age of seven and, as a child, attended the Lee Strasberg studio in New York City. In Peru, she pursued a modeling career. In 2002, she was hired by Peru's Iguana Productions to star in the soap opera Bésame Tonto (“Kiss me, Fool”) where she played the daughter of a mafia boss. In 2004, Neyra went to Argentina to perform in Luna salvaje (“Savage Moon”), starring with Juan Darthés and Catalina Artusi. Neyra continued to star in other Argentinian productions including Culpable de Este Amor (“Guilty of This Love”) and ¿Quién es el Jefe? (Who is the Boss?).

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