xxxHOLiC - Netflix

Based on the manga xxxHOLiC by Clamp the story is about protagnist Watanuki Kimihiro whose blood attracts spirits. He is bothered by this predisposition to see the way the ghosts are affecting the people around him but he can't do anything about it..

Coming home one day, he's once again assailled by evil apparitions but his feet lead him to a strange shop called "Mise" and there he encounters Ichihara Yuko, the mysterious fascinating owner who offers to grant Watanuki's wish to remove the spirits. But the price must be of equal value, so Watanuki has to temporarily work for her in her shop that grant wishes in exchange for a "consideration". He comes across strange customers including troubled people and therworldly beings and encounters bizarre events…

Thus begins his adventures in an world full of supernatural experiences.

xxxHOLiC - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-24

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The Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga series and its respective animated adaptations feature a large cast of fictional characters designed by Clamp. The series takes place in a fictional multiverse with parallel dimensions where several characters – taken from many of Clamp's past works – can appear in several of the universes as having the same character names and designs but differing histories and settings. The story begins in the desert Kingdom of Clow where Syaoran, a devoted and kind archeologist, investigates its ruins. His childhood friend Sakura, the kind and well-loved princess of the kingdom who holds an undeveloped magic, mysteriously has her memories scattered across the dimensions in the form of feathers and will die if they are not returned to her. To save her, Syaoran takes her to the Dimensional Witch Yūko Ichihara where he meets two more of the series' protagonists who have arrived with similar wishes: Kurogane, a rough-mannered ninja, and Fai D. Flowright, a laid-back magician with a dark past. In order to journey across the dimensions, they receive a cheerful creature named Mokona Modoki, the fifth of the group, from Yūko. On their journey across the dimensions, the group decide to join Syaoran to retrieve Sakura's feathers, as a mean to accomplish their wishes. The protagonists are all linked by the series' main antagonist, the sorcerer Fei-Wang Reed who oversees the journey. Using Osamu Tezuka's Star System, Clamp designed the series' characters based on the ones they used in their previous works. Few of the characters appearing in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle are the exact ones from other series, most notably the ones from xxxHolic, series which often crossovers Tsubasa. The characters from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle have received positive critical response by critics due to their traits, and development across the series. Various types of merchandising have also been released based on them.

xxxHOLiC - Yukito - Netflix

Yukito (雪兎) is a kind and respectful High Priest of Clow Country and a close friend of Tōya. After Sakura, he has considerable magical powers, including the ability to see into the future, thus the reason why he was chosen to become the country's high priest. He is one of the few people who know Yūko Ichihara as the Witch of Dimensions and is responsible for sending Syaoran and Sakura to her in hopes of recovering Sakura's scattered memories. Various versions of Yukito appear in other worlds featured in Tsubasa, all in which he keeps his friendship with Tōya. Yukito is voiced by Kōki Miyata in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English.

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