Whoops I Missed the Bus - Netflix

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Whoops I Missed the Bus - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2014-05-17

Whoops I Missed the Bus - All Over the Place (TV series) - Netflix

All Over the Place is a children's television programme produced by the BBC. It is similar in ways to the discontinued programme Wonderful World of Weird, however All Over the Place is not principally a game show. It features the former CBBC links presenter Ed Petrie as lead presenter, joined across the series by various other CBBC hosts including Chris Johnson, Ceallach Spellman, Richard Wisker, Barney Harwood, Naomi Wilkinson, Sam and Mark, Michelle Ackerley, Johny Pitts and Iain Stirling. The first two series featured attractions and events primarily in the United Kingdom. The third took the same format but travelled around the USA; the fourth series was based in Australia and the fifth and sixth visited countries around Europe. The 7th and 8th series are about Asia. All Over the Place Asia Part 1 was broadcast on CBBC on Monday 16 January 2017. This new series included new presenter Inel Tomlinson. The eighth series, All Over The Place Asia part 2, was broadcast on Saturday 6 January 2017 and every Saturday for 15 weeks.

Whoops I Missed the Bus - Accolades - Netflix

Whoops I Missed the Bus - References - Netflix