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An anthology series hosted by Betty Furness in the first season, Desi Arnaz in the second. Stories came from several genres, often based on fact. A two part episode was spun off as the popular show The Untouchables.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1958-10-06

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Desilu Productions () was an American production company founded and co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, best known for shows such as I Love Lucy, Star Trek, and The Untouchables. Until 1962, Desilu was the second-largest independent television production company in the U.S. behind MCA's Revue Productions until MCA bought Universal Pictures, and Desilu became and remained the number-one independent production company until being sold in 1967. Ball and Arnaz jointly owned the majority stake in Desilu from its inception until 1962, when Ball bought out Arnaz and ran the company by herself for several years. Ball had succeeded in making Desilu profitable again by 1967, when she sold her shares of Desilu to Gulf+Western for $17 million ($125 million in 2017 dollars). Gulf+Western then transformed Desilu into the television production arm of Paramount Pictures, rebranding the company as the original Paramount Television. Desilu's entire library is owned by CBS through two of its subsidiaries. The network itself owns all Desilu properties that were produced and concluded before 1960, which were sold to CBS by Desilu itself. Its CBS Television Studios unit owns the rights to everything Desilu produced after 1960 as successor in interest to Paramount Television.

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The Jack Benny Program (CBS; 1950–1964 / NBC; 1964–1965) Make Room for Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show (ABC; 1953–1957 / CBS; 1957–1964) Private Secretary (CBS; 1953–1957) The Lineup (CBS; 1954–1960) The Adventures of Jim Bowie (ABC; 1956–1958) Wire Service (ABC; 1956–1957) Meet McGraw (NBC; 1957–1958) The Eve Arden Show (CBS; 1957–1958) The Real McCoys (ABC; 1957–1962 / CBS; 1962–1963) Man with a Camera (ABC; 1958–1960) Yancy Derringer (CBS; 1958–1959) The Andy Griffith Show (CBS; 1960–1968) Here's Hollywood (NBC; 1960–1962) Harrigan and Son (ABC; 1960–1961) My Three Sons (ABC; 1960–1965 / CBS; 1965–1972) The Joey Bishop Show (NBC/CBS; 1961–1965) The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS; 1961–1966) My Favorite Martian (CBS; 1963–1965) The Bill Dana Show (NBC; 1963–1965) The Bing Crosby Show (ABC; 1964–1965) My Living Doll (CBS; 1964–1965) Slattery's People (CBS; 1964–1965) Gomer Pyle, USMC (CBS; 1964–1969) I Spy (NBC; 1965–1968) Hogan's Heroes (CBS; 1965–1971) Family Affair (CBS; 1966–1971) That Girl (ABC; 1966–1971) The Guns of Will Sonnett (ABC; 1967–1969) Rango (ABC; 1967) Accidental Family (NBC; 1967–1968) The Mothers-in-Law (NBC; 1967–1969) Good Morning World (CBS; 1967–1968) Some of these programs were created and owned by Desilu; others were other production companies' programs that Desilu filmed or to which Desilu rented production space.

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