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Shinichiro is a student living in what would be a dream come true for most high school boys, but for him is mostly a frustration. A well liked girl in school named Hiromi has lived in his house for a year along with his family. Her father was a close friend of the family, and when he died they immediately took her in. She is popular and well liked, always smiles, is talented in sports- but Shinichiro knows there must be tears inside her. Having an artistic tendency, he makes watercolors of her and thinks about wishing to ease her tears. Yet he cannot bring up the nerve to talk to her even in his own home. She, too, is quiet and withdrawn in their house, quite unlike at school. Shinichiro is also distracted by teasing from his friend Nobuse for watching Hiromi from afar, a curse of bad luck from a strange girl named Noe, and being forced to perform Muhiga dancing. By helping Noe he hopes

True Tears - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2008-01-06

True Tears - True Tears (anime) - Netflix

True Tears is a Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works and directed by Junji Nishimura. The anime aired in Japan on the TV Kanagawa television network between January 6, 2008 and March 30, 2008, containing thirteen episodes. The anime shares almost nothing in common with the visual novel of the same name that preceded it, using an entirely different story with different characters, and a different art style. An Internet radio show hosted by three voice actresses from the anime was also produced to promote the anime. The anime has been released by Bandai Entertainment in an English subtitle-only box set. A Blu-ray box set released in Japan contained an extra three-minute epilogue.

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Shin'ichirō is a male high school student who enjoys drawing, and even starts working on a picture book. He lives with his mother, father, and childhood friend Hiromi Yuasa. She used to smile around him, though does not anymore when at home. Shin'ichirō longs to see her smile again which he loved so much as a kid. He is living a relatively normal life until he meets a strange girl named Noe Isurugi who curses him with misfortune after he teases her a bit, though he reconciles with her soon after. Shin'ichirō is frustrated by not being able to see emotion from Hiromi, and other pressures from his family, such as a traditional Japanese dance he does not want to practice. However, he eventually gives in to practicing hard for the dance due to comments made by Noe. He and Hiromi start a relationship. Noe Isurugi (石動 乃絵, Isurugi Noe) Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki Noe Isurugi is an odd girl at Shin'ichirō's school. He first meets her up in a tree where she is picking silverberries for a chicken she named Raigomaru in a coop on a campus. Shin'ichirō ends up having to catch her as she jumps from the tree since she was stuck and could not get down on her own. She likes chickens, though would only feed one of them since she says “it could fly” while the other cannot. After the chicken gets killed by a raccoon, Noe becomes saddened, but does not cry because she “gave away her tears”. She later explains that after her grandmother died, she was unable to cry anymore due to her grandmother telling her that when she dies she will take Noe's tears away with her. She develops feelings for Shin'ichirō and even goes out with him for a time, until she discovers his true feelings for Hiromi. Noe has an older brother, Jun, who is a basketball team captain at another high school. Noe is known to have a frank personality and speaks honestly to other people. She seems to be able to judge people's feelings to a certain extent. Hiromi Yuasa (湯浅 比呂美, Yuasa Hiromi) Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka Hiromi is a girl Shin'ichirō's age and goes to the same high school as him. After her father died, she came to live with Shin'ichirō's family and has already been living with them for a year when the story begins. She has been in the same class as Shin'ichirō since elementary school, though despite being cheerful back then, she now acts a bit cold when living at his home. In contrast, she normally smiles and is popular at school. She often helps out with Shin'ichirō's father's work as they are low on manpower. She is a very good player on her school's girls' basketball team and is number six. It is clear that Hiromi has feelings for Shin'ichirō, but she decided to lock these feelings inside when she began living with Shin'ichirō. It is suggested that she hides these feelings because Shin'ichirō's mother told her, prior to the start of the story, that Shin'ichirō is her brother, which is later proven false. Aiko Andō (安藤 愛子, Andō Aiko) Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi Aiko is a girl one year older than Shin'ichirō who attends a different school than he does. She is going out with his friend Miyokichi Nobuse, but instead has feelings for Shin'ichirō. Aiko continuously tries to get closer with Shin'ichirō, such as asking him to go shopping with her instead of Miyokichi, and when she goes out with Miyokichi, she does not have the same vigor as when she is just with Shin'ichirō. Aiko has known Shin'ichirō since they were kids, and was introduced to Miyokichi through Shin'ichirō. She helps out at her family's Imagawayaki shop named Imagawayaki Ai-chan. She is shorter than Shin'ichirō, and enjoys teasing him from time to time. Miyokichi Nobuse (野伏 三代吉, Nobuse Miyokichi) Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino Miyokichi is Shin'ichirō's good friend, and has known him since they were kids. They hang out together at school, and Miyokichi often brings up the fact that Shin'ichirō has an eye out for Hiromi when at school. Shin'ichirō introduced Miyokichi to Aiko which eventually led to Miyokichi asking out Aiko, and she agreed, though it is apparent that she agreed reluctantly. He did not seem to notice that Aiko has feelings for Shin'ichirō until she revealed it to him in a subtle way. In the end, Aiko wanted to start all over again with Miyokichi. Tomoyo Kurobe (黒部 朋与, Kurobe Tomoyo) Voiced by: Tomomi Watanabe Tomoyo is Hiromi's friend whom she often hangs out with and fellow member of the girls' basketball team. She is sure that Hiromi likes Shin'ichirō, but Hiromi constantly denies it. When Hiromi is troubled by something, Tomoyo worries about her. Munehiro Nakagami (仲上宗弘, Nakagami Munehiro) Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara He is Shin'ichirō's father and was good friends with Hiromi's father. After Hiromi's father died, he took her in. Unlike his wife, he respects his son's privacy and lets him do as he wishes, saying that “Shin'ichirō is Shin'ichirō”. Furthermore, he considers Hiromi to be a member of the family and does not treat her badly like his wife. Shiori Nakagami (仲上しをり, Nakagami Shiori) Voiced by: Rieko Takahashi She is Shin'ichirō's mother; she likes to do what she thinks is best for her son, and tries to look after him. She has been known to read his mail if she deems necessary and often bugs him about things at school, or if his jacket smells. She takes favor over Shin'ichirō and does not consider Hiromi her child. She often shows hostile attitudes to Hiromi, and this has made her distant from her son. Eventually, she reconciles with Hiromi and tells her that she made up the story about Hiromi being her husband's child. Jun Isurugi (石動 純, Isurugi Jun) Voiced by: Yūki Masuda Jun is Noe's older brother. He is the captain of the basketball team at his school and is number four in his team. He is shown to have more feelings for Noe than just a normal sibling's relationship. He asks Shin'ichirō to ask Noe out, but Shin'ichirō merely gets annoyed at him. However, when Shin'ichirō requests that Jun go out with Hiromi in return for going out with his sister Noe, he agrees immediately. Even though he is acting, Jun does not seem to hold any feelings for Hiromi. Rumi Takaoka (高岡 ルミ, Takaoka Rumi) Voiced by: Jun Miruno Rumi is the captain of the girls' basketball team that Hiromi and Tomoyo play on.

Shin'ichirō Nakagami (仲上 眞一郎, Nakagami Shin'ichirō) Voiced by: Makoto Ishii

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