Troubleman - Netflix

One day all of a sudden, a trouble befalls one man. That trouble snowballs into bigger troubles, one by one, pulling everyone around him in.

Troubleman - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 41 minutes

Premier: 2010-04-09

Troubleman - Wolf Eyes - Netflix

Wolf Eyes is an American experimental music group from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1996 by Nate Young. Currently a duo, Wolf Eyes are a prominent act within contemporary noise music, known for their prolific work. The duo of John Olson and Nate Young are currently working on Wolf Eyes Music 2018 Residency Series. The series is an effort to establish long term collaboration with film, dance and performance artists as well as unique musicians from around the globe. Wolf Eyes online presence has led them to invent Trip Metal, Psycho Jazz and Mothers Against Noise. The group host Trip Metal Fest every memorial day weekend in Detroit, MI. Trip Metal Fest is always FREE.

Troubleman - 2004 - Netflix

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Troubleman - References - Netflix