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Tomorrow Boy tells the tale of a handsome, young patriarch who lives on for tomorrow even in the midst of adversity. A young patriarch, Ahn Tae Pyung, who has lost both his parents and is in charge of taking care of his grandmother along with his four younger siblings. Despite his circumstances, Tae Pyung has a strong conviction and is energetic, while he pursues his studies and earns money for his family.

Tomorrow Boy - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-28

Tomorrow Boy - Super Boy (TV series) - Netflix

Super Boy or Happy Boy (simplified Chinese: 快乐男声; traditional Chinese: 快樂男聲; pinyin: Kuàilè Nánshēng; literally “Happy Boys”) was a Chinese singing contest for male contestants, organized by Hunan Satellite Television in 2007, as a spin-off of its popular Super Girl series. It's a talent show which aims at uncovering talented tomorrow new male stars.

Tomorrow Boy - Final Contestants - Netflix

Chen Chusheng (陈楚生) - Champion Su Xing (苏醒) - 2nd place Vision Wei (魏晨) - 3rd place Jason Zhang (张杰) - 4th place Ji Jie (吉杰) - 5th place Yu Haoming (俞灏明) - 6th place Wang Yuexin (王栎鑫) - 7th place Amguulan (阿穆隆) - 8th place Zhang Yuan (张远) - 9th place Wang Zhenglian (王铮亮) - 10th place Yao Zhen (姚政) - 11th place Guo Bia (郭彪) - 12 place Lu Hu (陆虎) - 13th place

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