Time for Global Action - Netflix

Time for Global Action is a TV series and a online platform focusing on how business, government and civil society must work better together to achieve the 17 Global Goals.

Time for Global Action - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-25

Time for Global Action - Action for Global Health - Netflix

Action for Global Health Action for Global Health was formed by 15 non-governmental organisations and charities in 2006. Current partners are based in Brussels, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the UK and has over 30 member NGOs across these countries. Interact Worldwide provides the overall co-ordination for the network.

Time for Global Action - Objectives - Netflix

The overarching goal of Action for Global Health is increased support from Europe to enable developing countries to make substantial progress towards the health Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Action for Global Health's members are monitoring the actions and policies of European governments for how they affect health in developing countries, influencing decision-makers to improve their practice and be inviting other NGOs and civil society organisations to join with the Action for Global Health to build a European campaign. The Action for Global Health wants to see our governments, the private sector and European institutions fulfill the promises they have made on reducing rates of infant and maternal mortality and slowing down the spread of transmissible diseases in the world's poorest countries. In particular, the Action for Global Health wants to see much greater support for the development and strengthening of health systems, through proper financing, retention of staff and ensuring equitable access. Three Main Goals: Increased commitment and action from European governments – primarily the EU institutions, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain - to support the achievement of the Health MDGs in low and middle-income countries; including higher and better-focused financial contributions to health and health system strengthening. Increased capacity, engagement and effectiveness of European NGOs’ advocacy in support of the Health MDGs, with improved policy analysis and networking with the NGO and development policy community (recognising the role of health as a key lever of development). Increased support from European civil society and the private sector for the achievement of the Health MDGs in low and middle-income countries, including a higher profile for global health in European media.

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