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Starring Tony Award winners Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls, The Princess and The Frog) and Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Billions, American Gangster) along with actors Jazz Raycole (The Soul Man, My Wife and Kids) and newcomer Peyton Alex Smith, The Yard is a dynamic scripted dramatic show that takes viewers inside the unique, culture-filled world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). The Yard follows ambitious yet troubled Dr. Eva Fletcher (Rose), the newly-elected President of the fictional Georgia A&M University. Upon arriving, Eva is charged with saving the prestigious HBCU from bankruptcy and her twenty-year marriage from crumbling while managing a tumultuous relationship with her rebellious only daughter. A diverse group of freshman also promises to keep Eva's hands full.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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The New York City Transit Authority operates a total of 24 rail yards for the New York City Subway system. There are 10 active A Division yards (excluding one yard that has been demolished), 11 active B Division yards, two shared yards, one yard for the Staten Island Railway, and two non-revenue equipment yards. Of these yards, rolling stock are assigned to seven A Division yards and seven B Division yards. Within the yards are 14 maintenance and cleaning facilities, and two yards (207th Street and Coney Island) perform heavy maintenance and overhaul.

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The Westchester Yard, also known as the Pelham Yard, is located in the Bronx and has 45 layup tracks. The yard maintains and stores the R62A and R142A cars used on the 6, as well as Maintenance of Way diesel trains for both the A Division and B Division. It is connected to the IRT Pelham Line in both directions between Westchester Square–East Tremont Avenue and Middletown Road stations. There is a four-track inspection shed for electric trains and a two-track diesel repair shop. Pelham Yard also has a car wash used by the entire A Division. The Westchester Yard was expanded between 1946 and 1949 and the scope of the project included a new signal tower, signal installations, and the elimination of the grade crossings between the yard and the Pelham Line north of the Westchester Square station. All of these projects would allow for sped up main line service and train movements in and out of the yard. The grade separation allowed trains to enter Westchester Yard without crossing the express track or the downtown local track and it allowed for the possibility of the extension of express service to Pelham Bay Park, which would save four more minutes. The increased capacity of the yard allowed the yard to store 358 additional subway cars. With the additional storage space, it would no longer be required to lay up trains on the middle track of the line between East 177th Street and Pelham Bay Park, and it would allow for full day express service. The construction of substations would improve voltage conditions and allow for longer trains to be operated on the line. The work was projected to cost $6,387,000 and be completed in 1950. 40°50′38″N 73°50′31″W

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