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The ancient sages said, "do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon?". So may one just man become an army. Nearly a thousand years ago in ancient China, at the time of the Sung dynasty, there was a cruel and corrupt government. These men riding are outlaws - heroes - who have been driven to live in the Water Margins of Liang Shan Po, far to the south of the capital city. Each fights tyranny with a price on his head, in a world very different from our own. The story starts in legend even then - for our heroes, it was said, were perhaps the souls reborn of other, earlier knights...

The Water Margin - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 1976-09-21

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The following is a list of characters in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

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He Tao (何濤; 何涛; Hé Tāo) is the chief constable tasked with arresting Chao Gai and his companions after they robbed the convoy of birthday gifts for Cai Jing. He leads a group of soldiers to Liangshan Marsh in pursuit of the seven men, but falls into an ambush and ends up being defeated and captured alive. Ruan Xiaoqi slices off one of his ears before releasing him to allow him to bring the news of his defeat to Grand Secretary Liang. He Qing (何清; Hé Qīng) is He Tao's younger brother. By coincidence, he met Chao Gai and his companions when they were preparing to rob the birthday gifts, and he recognised Chao. He informs his brother that Chao Gai is one of the seven robbers. Huang An (黃安; 黄安; Huáng Ān) is a military officer ordered to lead another group of soldiers to attack Liangshan after He Tao's failure. He is defeated in battle and captured by Liu Tang while attempting to escape.

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