The Owl Service - Netflix

Alison and her step-brother, Roger, are spending a few weeks of the summer in Wales at a house formerly owned by Alison's late father. After discovering a set of dinner plates in the attic, Alison traces the plates' flower pattern onto paper, discovering that they fold in turn into owls. Soon, the house starts to reveal hidden secrets, compelling Alison to experience an ancient legend brought back to life...

The Owl Service - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1969-12-21

The Owl Service - Night service (public transport) - Netflix

A night service or an owl service is a public transport service which operates through overnight hours, while most people are asleep. Many cities operate such services, mainly using buses but in certain cases using trams (or streetcars), either in addition to or in substitution for ordinary daytime services or rapid transit rail services which may shut for maintenance or due to lack of passenger volumes at night. Night-based services may be differently branded compared to daytime services, such as in London, where overnight buses are prefixed with an “N” for “night”. Another common way of distinguishing them from their daytime counterparts are dark-colored line numbers. Some cities apply a different fare structure from their daytime services. There are also services that allow users to alight at a requested place of stopping rather than at specific locations, in deference to passenger concerns about safely walking long distances.

The Owl Service - In popular culture - Netflix

London night buses were the inspiration for the Knight Bus found in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter book and film series. The Chicago Surface Lines owl service was mentioned in a number of poems by Carl Sandburg: “Old Woman” (1916): “The owl-car clatters along, dogged by the echo...” “Blue Island Intersection” (1922): “The owl car blutters along in a sleep-walk.” “Nights Nothings Again” (1922): “A taxi whizzes by, an owl car clutters, passengers yawn reading street signs...”

In act II, scene 2 of the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire (1947), Mitch tells Blanche how he'll get home: “I'll walk over to Bourbon and catch an owl-car.” The 1997 Swedish film Nattbuss 807 depicts an incident at a night bus. A 2007 Italian noir-comedy film directed by Davide Marengo was entitled Night Bus. The Randy Travis song “Three Wooden Crosses” depicts a night bus travel.

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