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The Missing Postman was a two-part comedy drama that aired on BBC1 in 1997. Adapted from the Mark Wallington novel, it received the award for Best BBC Comedy Drama at the British Comedy Awards in 1997.

When Dorset postman Clive Peacock is forced into early retirement, the years ahead look bleak. But on his last day in the job, in a moment of unexpected rebellion he makes a decision that will change his life. As he makes his final collection from the postbox in the small seaside town where he lives, he decides to deliver the letters himself, by hand, no matter the destination. Mounting his trusty bicycle, he sets off on what proves to be an odyssey of self-discovery. Pursued by the police and lionised by the media, Clive becomes both a fugitive and a reluctant hero.

The Missing Postman - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 150 minutes

Premier: 1997-03-29

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The missing postman of Stradbally is a mystery which has remained unsolved since Larry Griffin disappeared without trace from a village in the south-east of Ireland on Christmas Day, 1929. The story went round the world at the time, while the people of the village gave ever-changing and conflicting information about what they knew of Larry's last movements to the Gardai investigating the case. Over the years, many of the people concerned in the matter were involved in litigation with both the Gardai and the press from which they gained substantial amounts of money. Larry's body was never found. Extensive research has been done by Fachtna Ó Drisceoil, who obtained access to the Garda files on the case, and this has been published in his book, “The Missing Postman”. He comments that Mary Griffin and her family “were the victims of the most shocking conspiracy and cover-up the young Irish state had known”.

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In 1954, they sued a British newspaper, Empire News for libel for a sum of £600 each, relating to an article which said that “the postman was taken to the police barracks for safety.... During the night, he left the room. There was no banister to the stairs. He stepped out into space and crashed to his death”. The case was settled and the plaintiffs received undisclosed damages.

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