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"The Hollywood News Report" is a weekly half-hour show brings viewers inside the velvet ropes with insider information from the entertainment industry. "The Hollywood News Report" features major theatrical releases through coverage of premieres from the red carpet and film festivals. The movie coverage also includes how films are doing at the box office. And like with any entertainment news show, celebrity news and interviews are a regular part of the program, with some celebrity gossip also thrown in on occasion.

The Hollywood News Report - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-07

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Hollywood Entertainment Corp. (Nasdaq: HLYW), known as Hollywood Video, was a home video and video game rental shop company started in 1988. The chain was the largest direct competitor to Blockbuster Video until it was purchased by Movie Gallery in 2005. Hollywood Video ceased operations in May 2010, when Movie Gallery, its parent company, declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Its last US store closed its doors on July 31, 2010, whereas the last official one in Canada closed on August 8 of that year. As of late 2011, the site had been relaunched as a blog, which was discontinued in October 2014.

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