The Dressing Room - Netflix

Fixed-rig series The Dressing Room delves into the world of amateur weekend sport and goes into the dressing rooms across the country, exploring all of the off-field drama and focusing on dynamic characters with fascinating lives. The series focusses on a cast of women's teams, mixed teams and men's teams, from football to roller derby to water polo.

The Dressing Room - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-06-14

The Dressing Room - Virtual dressing room - Netflix

A virtual dressing room (also often referred to as virtual fitting room and virtual changing room although they do, on examination, perform different functions) is the online equivalent of an in-store changing room. It enables shoppers to try on clothes to check one or more of size, fit or style, but virtually rather than physically. Having begun to emerge from 2005, fit technologies started to be widely reported from 2010, but are now available from an increasing variety of providers and are in use by a growing number of prominent retailers in their webstores. A fit technology may be categorised according to the problem that it resolves (size, fit or styling) or according to the technological approach. There are many different types of technological approach.

The Dressing Room - Dress-up mannequins/mix-and-match - Netflix

In this variant, clothes and accessories are photographed on real-life mannequins. The mannequins are then edited out digitally from the images and replaced with a virtual mannequin designed to reflect the brand in question. A shopper may then drag and drop (and mix-and-match) clothes on the virtual mannequin. Some such solutions are being used to replace the real-life models in the garment photography, reducing the cost associated with human models and standardising the photography processes.

The Dressing Room - References - Netflix