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The Daily Show: Global Edition is a half-hour international weekend edition of the satirical news commentary program which airs on U.S. cable network Comedy Central. The CNN International version is a compilation of the best comedy sketches that aired during the previous week on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah", which is recorded weeknights before a live studio audience in New York.

The Daily Show: Global Edition - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

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This is a list of recurring segments featured on The Daily Show. This list is incomplete for The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. During The Daily Show's first ten years, a significant part of its airtime was devoted to different branded recurring segments, usually hosted by the show's correspondents. After the 2005 launch of The Colbert Report, which was largely made up of different recurring segments, the time devoted to such segments on The Daily Show has declined. Normal commentary segments about ongoing news stories can also have recurring titles to help sort them and talk about continuation.

The Daily Show: Global Edition - This Just In - Netflix

This Just In was the segment that always followed Jon Stewart's “Other News” segment for the first four years of his stint as host. In the segment, Stewart would focus on the breaking stories of the day. This was one of the three divisions of the show under Stewart's first few years, the others being “Headlines” and “Other News.” All three were abruptly dropped in 2003, with no reason given.

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