Terry Wogan's Ireland - Netflix

After 40 years, Sir Terry Wogan returns to Ireland, stepping back into his past to explore how the country helped shape him, and looking at what it means to be Irish in the 21st century.

Terry Wogan's Ireland - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-23

Terry Wogan's Ireland - United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest - Netflix

The United Kingdom has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 61 times and is one of the most successful countries to compete in the contest. They first participated in the second contest in 1957. The UK has entered every year since 1959, and along with Sweden, is one of only two countries with Eurovision victories in four different decades. The United Kingdom is one of the “Big 5”, along with France, Germany, Italy and Spain who are automatically allowed to participate in the final as they are the five biggest financial contributors to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The British public broadcaster, the BBC, broadcasts the event each year and organises the national selection for the entry. The UK has won the contest five times. The United Kingdom's five winners are Sandie Shaw with the song “Puppet on a String” (1967), Lulu with “Boom Bang-a-Bang” (1969 tied), Brotherhood of Man with “Save Your Kisses for Me” (1976), Bucks Fizz with “Making Your Mind Up” (1981) and Katrina and the Waves with “Love, Shine a Light” (1997). The UK has also finished as runner-up on a record 15 occasions; with Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson (1959), Bryan Johnson (1960), The Allisons (1961), Matt Monro (1964), Kathy Kirby (1965), Cliff Richard (1968), Mary Hopkin (1970), The New Seekers (1972), The Shadows (1975), Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran (1977), Scott Fitzgerald (1988), Live Report (1989), Michael Ball (1992), Sonia (1993) and Imaani (1998). The United Kingdom finished outside the top ten on only three occasions at the contest in the 20th century (1978, 1987 and 1999). In the 21st century, the United Kingdom has only reached the top ten twice, with Jessica Garlick third (2002) and Jade Ewen fifth (2009). Since 2003, the UK have finished outside the top 20 on nine occasions, including Jemini's infamous 2003 “nul points” result, which was the first time that the country had come last in the contest. The UK also finished last in 2008 with Andy Abraham (14 points) and in 2010 with Josh Dubovie (10 points).

Terry Wogan's Ireland - Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest - Netflix

Even though the United Kingdom was entered twice into Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest with Cliff Richard's 1968 runner up entry “Congratulations” and Brotherhood of Man's 1976 winning song “Save Your Kisses for Me”, the BBC decided not to participate in airing the event or taking part in the voting for the greatest Eurovision Song of the past fifty years, but instead aired an hour-long special programme entitled Boom Bang-a-Bang: 50 Years of Eurovision hosted by Terry Wogan looking back at the best and the worst; songs, fashions, contests, hosts and hostesses that have occurred at the Eurovision over the past fifty years. Table key

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