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The story is set in the late 19th century and takes place at a time when slaves were freed in Brazil and there was a need for workers, especially on Brazilian coffee fazendas (plantations). This partly resulted in a large number of Italians emigrating to Brazil, looking for employment and a better life.

Unlike many other telenovela stories, the characters are not larger than life in "Terra Nostra." Instead, they are everyday people who make ordinary decisions. Consequently, the viewers can relate to what is happening in the story.

Terra Nostra - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 1999-09-20

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Brothers of Italy (Italian: Fratelli d'Italia, FdI) is a national-conservative political party in Italy led by Giorgia Meloni. The party, created from a split of The People of Freedom (PdL) in December 2012, is the main heir of the Italian post-fascist conservative tradition that had the Italian Social Movement (1946–1995) and National Alliance (1995–2009) as its main political representatives. National Alliance was merged into the PdL in 2009, but its bulk is now with the FdI.

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