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Tardisodes were mini-episodes which served as prologues for each episode of Series 2 of the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who. They were made available serially, with a new one debuting in the week prior to the episode to which they were attached. They were primarily meant to be seen on mobile telephones and were released to paying phone subscribers first. As each week progressed, however, the BBC made them available as webcasts.

Tardisode - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 1 minutes

Premier: 2006-04-01

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Anna Hope (born 1974) is an English writer and actress from Manchester. She is perhaps best known for her Doctor Who role of Novice Hame, who first appeared in the webcast TARDISODE 1 - “New Earth” before appearing in the television episodes “New Earth” and “Gridlock”. She has also appeared as the character of detective inspector Patricia Menzies in the 6th Doctor audio plays The Condemned, The Raincloud Man, and The Crimes of Thomas Brewster.

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