Station Horizon - Netflix

Station Horizon - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Running

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2015-02-28

Station Horizon - Wylfa Nuclear Power Station - Netflix

Wylfa Nuclear Power Station (Welsh: Atomfa'r Wylfa) is a former Magnox power station situated west of Cemaes Bay on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. Construction of the two 490 MW nuclear reactors, known as “Reactor 1” and “Reactor 2”, began in 1963. They became operational in 1971. Wylfa was located on the coast because seawater was used as a coolant. In 2012 Reactor 2 was shutdown. Three years later, Reactor 1 was switched off on 30 December 2015 so ending 44 years of operation at the site. Wylfa Newydd (literally New Wylfa) is a proposed new nuclear station on a site adjacent to the old plant. An application to build two advanced boiling water reactors was submitted by Horizon Nuclear Power to the Office of Nuclear Regulation on 4 April 2017.

Station Horizon - Future nuclear plant plans - Netflix

A second plant named Wylfa Newydd (previously referred to as Wylfa B) has been proposed. Wylfa Newydd's proposal has been the subject of local opposition, led by the group People Against Wylfa B (PAWB – “pawb” is Welsh for “everyone”). In March 2006 the local council voted to extend the life of Wylfa A and to support the construction of Wylfa B, citing the potential loss of employment in the smelter works and nuclear station. Horizon Nuclear Power, originally an E.ON and RWE joint venture, bought by Hitachi in 2012, announced in 2009 intentions to install about 3,000 MWe of new nuclear plant at Wylfa. Horizon is planning to build two advanced boiling water reactors (ABWRs) at a site to the south of the existing Wylfa station. On 18 October 2010 the British government announced that Wylfa was one of the eight sites it considered suitable for future nuclear power stations. In January 2012, three hundred anti-nuclear protesters took to the streets of Llangefni, against plans to build a new nuclear power station at Wylfa. The march was organised by organisations including Pobl Atal Wylfa B, Greenpeace and Cymdeithas yr Iaith, which are supporting farmer Richard Jones who is in dispute with Horizon. In 2013 Horizon planned initial site work to start at Wylfa in 2015, with building work starting in 2018 and generation starting in the mid-2020s. On the 4 April 2017, Horizon submitted a Site Licence Application to the Office for Nuclear Regulation. The scheme now includes a tunnel under the Menai Strait to carry the power cables to protect the conservation worth of the Strait and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty As of December 2017 Horizon believes a consensus now of government and industry is that the Contract for Difference financing model used for Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, involving fully private sector financing, will not used for subsequent nuclear plants, and is in discussions with government about alternative finance mechanisms. The UK government intends to invest £5 billion in the new power station. Previously, government policy had been not to invest directly in new nuclear projects. Horizon Nuclear Power submitted a Development Consent Order application for the Wylfa Newydd project to the Planning Inspectorate on 1 June 2018.

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