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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near the mouth of a stable wormhole on the far reaches of explored space. Although Sisko commands Deep Space 9, the station actually belongs to the inhabitants of nearby Bajor, who requested Starfleet's protective presence after Bajoran freedom fighters put an end to the brutal Cardassian occupation of their world. Approximately a sixth of the station's 300 permanent residents are Starfleet personnel; there is also a sizable Bajoran militia presence. The rest of Deep Space 9's inhabitants are civilians, most of whom work in the station's Promenade, a kind of indoor marketplace. Initially, Sisko's mandate from Starfleet was to protect Bajor and the station from any hostiles who ventured into the area. But with the discovery of the nearby wormhole—a shortcut through space that leads directly to the uncharted Gamma quadrant—Sisko's mandate has expanded exponentially, as the region becomes the gateway to all manner of visitors, both friendly and extremely hostile.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1993-01-03

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The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) relaunch is an unofficial name for a series of non-canon novels released since 2000 detailing events involving the characters, species and settings portrayed in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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To offset the departure of characters in the series finale a number of new main and recurring characters are introduced. These include The Next Generation's Ro Laren as chief of security; an Andorian science officer named Thirishar ch'Thane (or Shar for short), through whom the reader is introduced to Andorian culture; the over 100 years old Commander Elias Vaughn, who has a background in intelligence and black ops (as featured in the TNG novel, Battle of Betazed), as the station's new Executive Officer; his daughter Prynn Tenmei as the Defiant's helmswoman; and Taran'atar, a Jem'Hadar observer sent to live on the station by Odo. Colonel (later Captain) Kira Nerys is shown as the station's new commander. In the years between The Soul Key and Typhon Pact - Rough Beasts of Empire the station experiences more crew changes. Shar returns to Andor in order to pay more attention to his family and years later stays on Andor following its secession from the Federation. Kira retires from Starfleet to become a vedek in Bajoran religion. Vaughn succeeds her as the commanding officer of DS9. He later transfers to a deep space exploration assignment but is severely injured during the Borg invasion of 2381. Vaughn enters a permanent coma and is taken off life support in Typhon Pact - Raise the Dawn. Also just before the Borg invasion Ezri Dax transfers to the new Federation starship USS Aventine, subsequently being promoted to Captain and commanding officer when several senior officers are killed by the Borg. Ro Laren then becomes commanding officer of DS9. Following the destruction of the original Deep Space 9, Ro becomes commanding officer of the new DS9. In addition, Miles O'Brien is assigned to supervise construction of the new DS9 and stays on as chief operations officer.

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