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Sit and Be Fit is here to help you improve your life through functional fitness. Enjoy the freedom that comes with good health.

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

Sit and Be Fit - Sit and Be Fit - Netflix

Sit and Be Fit is a television exercise program for older adults and anyone needing slow gentle movement. The program is broadcast throughout the United States, distributed to public television stations (although not by the Public Broadcasting Service). Sit and Be Fit programs are also available on DVD. The series was created in 1987 by Mary Ann Wilson, a registered nurse specializing in the field of post-polio rehabilitation and geriatrics. Wilson recognized the need for functional exercise, especially for moderately active seniors or those managing chronic conditions or needing rehabilitation from strokes, heart attacks or other injuries. The show's mission statement is: “Sit and Be Fit is committed to improving the quality of life of older adults and physically limited individuals through safe, effective exercises that are available through television, videos, personal appearances, classes, seminars, books, and the Internet. The show actively promotes functional fitness, healing, and independence, and is an effective resource for professionals in aging and fitness.”

Sit and Be Fit - Awards - Netflix

Sit and be Fit has won 24 awards including the 2006 National Health Information Merit Award for the shows Fibromyalgia Workout and the Osteoporosis II Workout. In 2003, the show won the award from Today's Caregiver Magazine for the shows Caregiver's Guide To Exercise.

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