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Zhou Shen Shen loses her voice after a bus accident and gets taken to the hospital by her friend Zuo Jun (who blames himself for making her mute) there she meets Qi Wei Yi a boy who leg got broken by jealous peers. He finds a letter she had put in a bomb shelter wall. They leave each other letters and promise to come back in the Christmas of 2006. They become good friends and fall in love but Wei Yi is unaware that Shen Shen is mute. When he has to leave before her, He gives her his phone number and tells her to call him. Years pass and in the year of 2006 they met again but is unaware of who each other is until Wei Yi finds out he has liver cancer and is dying So he decides to go back to the hospital he went to as a child and he finds out that Shen Shen is his childhood love but not wanting to hurt her when he dies he hides his identity and eventually pushes her away.

Silence - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2006-05-21

Silence - Silence - Netflix

Silence is the lack of audible sound, or the presence of sounds of very low intensity. The word silence can also refer analagously to any absence of communication or hearing, including in media other than speech and music. Silence also refers to the fact of no sound being uttered by any being in a particular area or space. Silence is an important factor in many cultural spectacles, such as rituals. In discourse analysis, speakers use brief absences of speech to mark the boundaries of prosodic units. Silence in speech can be due to hesitation, stutters, self-correction—or a deliberate slowing of speech to clarify or aid the processing of ideas. These are short silences. Longer pauses in language occur in interactive roles, reactive tokens, or turn-taking. Depending on cultural norms, silence can be positive or negative. For example, in a Christian Methodist faith organization, silence and reflection during sermons might be appreciated by the congregation, while in a Southern Baptist church, silence might mean disagreement with what is being said, or perhaps imply a disconnectedness from the congregated community. Silence is also used in the form of Deaf education known as total communication, in reference to nonverbal communication and spiritual connection.

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