Shattered - Netflix

Shattered is a Canadian police procedural series. The main character (played by Callum Keith Rennie) is a tough, smart homicide detective in Vancouver who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder.

Shattered - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-09-01

Shattered - Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Netflix

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. Players control four different versions of Spider-Man, each originating from a different universe in the Marvel Comics multiverse. Previous Spider-Man voice actors Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Dan Gilvezan, and Josh Keaton each voice one of the four Spider-Men. The game revolves around an artifact known as the Tablet of Order and Chaos. When it is shattered into pieces during a fight between Spider-Man and Mysterio, it causes problems with multiple Marvel Universe realities. Madame Web calls on four versions of Spider-Man from four realities to assist her in bringing the realities back into balance: the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Shattered Dimensions received fairly positive reviews from critics, with reported aggregate scores averaging 62% to 79% at GameRankings, and Metacritic reporting scores of 76 out of 100 or lower. Reviewers generally praised the idea of bringing four Marvel universes together, and lauded the voice acting and humor, though criticism was aimed at the story, choice of villains and the overall design of the cutscenes as well as technical difficulties.

Shattered - Plot - Netflix

The game begins in the Amazing universe, with Amazing Spider-Man pursuing Kraven the Hunter in a jungle for his tablet fragment. When Amazing Spider-Man confronts him, Kraven uses the fragment's powers to gain super speed. Amazing Spider-Man manages to defeat Kraven and claim the fragment. In the Noir universe, Spider-Man Noir moves through the shadows to claim a fragment from Hammerhead, who plans to give it to his boss Norman Osborn. When confronted, Hammerhead uses it to fuse guns to his arms, and plots to overthrow his boss. Spider-Man Noir manages to defeat Hammerhead and claim his fragment. In the 2099 universe, Spider-Man 2099 chases Hobgoblin through the city; cornered, Hobgoblin uses the fragment to amplify his psy-powers. Spider-Man 2099 eventually defeats Hobgoblin and claims the fragment. In the Ultimate universe, Ultimate Spider-Man battles Electro at a nearby dam where Electro uses the fragment to grow larger and make minions to fight Ultimate Spider-Man. Ultimate Spider-Man tricks Electro into attacking the dam which releases water, shorting out Electro's powers and allowing him to claim the fragment. Meanwhile, Mysterio discovers the existence of other pieces of the tablet.

Amazing Spider-Man finds a fragment in the clutches of Sandman at an abandoned Roxxon Industries quarry. Sandman uses the fragment's power to take over the quarry and create minions, which he uses to attack Amazing Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man defeats Sandman with the use of water, claiming his fragment. Spider-Man Noir pursues Vulture, who has been granted teleportation powers. When he finally faces Vulture, Spider-Man Noir defeats him by exposing him to light, then claims the fragment. Spider-Man 2099 chases Scorpion for a fragment stolen from the Public Eye, which allows Scorpion to lay eggs that hatch into smaller clones of himself. Scorpion explains that he was hired to steal it so that he could be human again, right before Spider-Man 2099 traps him under debris and claims the fragment. Ultimate Spider-Man is challenged to appear on Wade Wilson's reality show: Pain Factor. Maneuvering his way through the set, he confronts Deadpool, who tricks him into taking a fake tablet fragment. Deadpool then uses the real fragment to clone himself, attacking Spider-Man. He manages to defeat Deadpool and claim the tablet fragment. Madame Web receives their fragments, but Mysterio attacks, threatening to kill her if Amazing Spider-Man doesn't bring him the other fragments. Spider-Man finds the next fragment in a construction yard, discovering it was accidentally stuck to Juggernaut when on the run from Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Juggernaut uses the tablet's power to become stronger, but Amazing Spider-Man defeats him and claims the fragment. In the Noir universe, The Goblin uses a fragment to become a monstrous goliath. After a battle under a circus tent, Goblin is defeated and Spider-Man Noir claims his fragment. Spider-Man 2099 encounters Doctor Octopus, head of Alchemax's Shadow Division, and the one who hired Scorpion. Driven insane by the fragment, she plans to use it to power a dangerous reactor. Spider-Man 2099 shuts down the reactor and claims the fragment. In the Ultimate universe, S.H.I.E.L.D. has acquired a tablet fragment and Carnage in the Triskelion. Carnage escapes, draining the life from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and using the fragment's power to turn them into his zombie minions. When Ultimate Spider-Man arrives, the Triskelion is already under Carnage's control. Ultimate Spider-Man stops Carnage and claims his fragment. With the pieces returned, the tablet reconstructs itself and is absorbed by Mysterio, who becomes all-powerful and shatters the borders between realities, planning to build a new one under his rule. The four Spider-Men band together and defeat Mysterio, separating him from the tablet and knocking him out. As reality returns to normal, Madame Web thanks them for saving all of reality, and Amazing Spider-Man takes Mysterio to prison while the others return to their own dimensions. In a post-credits scene, Madame Web is visited by Spider-Ham, who had hoped to help save reality but arrived too late.

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