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Drew Pinsky is tackling a new yet very real addiction in "Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew". In this eight episode one-hour series, Dr. Drew is turning his attention and cameras on a very widespread but rarely talked about addiction. Sexual compulsion afflicts roughly 6% of the American population and carries the same devastating consequences as any other addiction. For addicts, sex isn't even pleasurable, but rather a way to escape the pain of past loss, childhood trauma, abuse and abandonment. Like many other addictions, their habits can cost them their jobs, their marriages, even their lives. Despite all this, the affliction is often dismissed because it's not understood how something as natural and beautiful as sex can be an addiction. In this series Dr. Drew will treat a group of people in Los Angeles who are struggling with this disease while shedding some light on this oft-dismissed compulsion and all the destructive costs that come with it.

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-11-01

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Duncan Roy (born 8 July 1960) is an English film director and producer, script writer, art director and television personality.

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Starting 1 November 2009, Roy appeared on VH1's Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, a reality television series about treating sexual addiction. In early 2012, The Independent reported that Roy battled with cancer and had a tumor removed. On 19 October 2012 a class action suit was filed by Roy and five others as class representatives as and on behalf of immigrants in L.A. County Jail detained without opportunity to post bail. Roy was detained for 89 days. Roy's Los Angeles bail bondsman Morris Demayo, who worked on getting him bailed out, recalls “The minute he got arrested, it was one weird incident after another. The jailer basically said, 'We have an ICE hold, so we can't accept the bond.' There was just a runaround." The suit was joined by the ACLU among other groups.

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