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Secret History is a long-running documentary series that originally ran on British television. Using a combination of interviews and archival footage, the show re-examines key historical moments of international events, often utilizing little-known and previously suppressed information. In 1992, the show won the Royal Television Society award for Best Documentary Series.

Secret History - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1991-11-14

Secret History - Secret History (book series) - Netflix

Secret History is a fantasy/science fiction series by Simon R. Green. This book series was supposed to be a trilogy, but due to the great popularity of the books Simon R. Green has decided to continue with the series.

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All of the titles of this book series are parodies of James Bond book, short story titles, or films: The Man with the Golden Torc: The Man with the Golden Gun Daemons Are Forever: Diamonds Are Forever The Spy Who Haunted Me: The Spy Who Loved Me From Hell with Love: From Russia, with Love For Heaven's Eyes Only: For Your Eyes Only Live and Let Drood: Live and Let Die Casino Infernale: Casino Royale Property of a Lady Faire: The Property of a Lady From a Drood to a Kill: From a View to a Kill Dr. DOA: Dr. No Moonbreaker: Moonraker Night Fall: Skyfall

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