RV Top 3 - Netflix

On RV Top 3 we're traveling coast-to-coast, checking out the best restaurants, amusements and wacky attractions that America has to offer, in the comforts of a RV. From campgrounds right on the beach to restaurants that deliver pizza straight to motor homes, there's no better way to see the USA.

RV Top 3 - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-05-13

RV Top 3 - RV Triton - Netflix

The Research Vessel Triton is a trimaran vessel owned by Gardline Marine Sciences Limited and a former prototype British warship demonstrator for the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (later QinetiQ). She was built as a technology demonstrator ship for the Royal Navy's Future Surface Combatant, and has been used to both prove the viability of the hull-form and as a trials platform for other QinetiQ innovations. The ship was used by the Australian Border Force's Marine Unit, and was for a time moored in the River Fal near the King Harry chain ferry. As of 4 October 2017 she is moored on the River Yare, Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England.

RV Top 3 - Construction - Netflix

In August 1998, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded a contract to Vosper Thornycroft to construct the trimaran, at a cost of £13.5m RV Triton was launched in May 2000 and delivered in August 2000. Triton then began a two-year risk reduction trials programme for the UK MoD and the US Department of Defense. The vessel's three parallel hulls are reflected in her name which refers to the maritime god Triton who carried the three-pronged spear, the trident. The outriggers are thinner and much shorter than the dominant central hull.

RV Top 3 - References - Netflix