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"Roger Roger" was a BBC television comedy-drama written by John Sullivan. The series was about a mini-cab firm called Cresta Cabs.

Roger Roger - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1996-08-26

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Roger Cook (born 6 April 1943) is a BAFTA award winning retired investigative journalist and television broadcaster.

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Cook has been parodied by many comedians such as Benny Hill and Reeves and Mortimer. He says he regards it as a compliment. In the eighties, his 'Checkpoint' series got its sitcom counterpart in BBC Radio 4's Delve Special, where investigative journalist David Lander, played by Stephen Fry, doorstepped many a villain. When Roger Cook's investigations moved to television, so did his parody, in Channel 4's This is David Lander, which was followed later by Tony Slattery taking over the central role in This is David Harper. Many of Lander and Harper's investigations were based on reports made by Cook, Panorama and World in Action. A puppet version of Cook also appeared several times in the satirical series Spitting Image. In his favourite sketch, his puppet double goes to the Heavenly Gates and confronts God as if he were a crooked estate agent who promised land to the Jews, only to offer the same land to the Arabs under the name of Allah. Viz comic also did a parody with “Roger Mellie, The Man on the Telly” doing his version...The Mellor Report.

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