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Because she is infertile, Da Ma has never received much attention from her husband Rong Yao Hua. After finding out of his heated love affair with brothel beauty Yan Hong, she decides to do something about her own fate by living vicariously through the innocent Xiu He, a farmer's daughter who reminds Da Ma of her own youth. Da Ma decides to let Xiu He marry into the Rong family as Yao Hua's concubine in hopes that she will bear the family a child. Unexpectedly, Yao Hua's cousin Yao Hui takes his place as the groom and falls in love with Xiu He.

Ripening Orange - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2002-02-12

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Cheese ripening, alternatively cheese maturation or affinage, is a process in cheesemaking. It is responsible for the distinct flavour of cheese, and through the modification of “ripening agents”, determines the features that define many different varieties of cheeses, such as taste, texture, and body. The process is “characterized by a series of complex physical, chemical and microbiological changes” that incorporates the agents of “bacteria and enzymes of the milk, lactic culture, rennet, lipases, added moulds or yeasts, and environmental contaminants”. The majority of cheese is ripened, save for fresh cheese.

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