Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes - Netflix

Rick Stein continued his food odyssey through Europe. This time he returned to some of the places in the Mediterranean that fuelled his passion to become a chef.

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-08-08

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes - Timeline of antisemitism - Netflix

This timeline of antisemitism chronicles the facts of antisemitism, hostile actions or discrimination against Jews as a religious or ethnic group. It includes events in the history of antisemitic thought, actions taken to combat or relieve the effects of antisemitism, and events that affected the prevalence of antisemitism in later years. The history of antisemitism can be traced from ancient times to the present day. Some authors prefer to use the terms anti-Judaism or religious antisemitism for religious sentiment against Judaism before the rise of racial antisemitism in the 19th century. For events specifically pertaining to the expulsion of Jews, please see Jewish refugees.

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes - Seventh century - Netflix

Frankish King Dagobert I, encouraged by Byzantine Emperor Heraclius, expels all Jews from the kingdom. 632 The first case of officially sanctioned forced baptism. Emperor Heraclius violates the Codex Theodosianus, which protected them from forced conversions. 634–641 Jews living in the Levant are forced to pay the Jizya as a result of the Muslim conquest of the Levant 638 Jews are burned at the stake in Toledo, Spain. 640 Jews expelled from Arabia. 642 The Jizya is imposed on the native Jews of Egypt, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and Fezzan. 653 The Jews of Toledo are forced to convert or be expelled. 681 The Twelfth Council of Toledo, Spain orders burning of the Talmud and other “heretic” books. 682 Visigothic king Erwig begins his reign by enacting 28 anti-Jewish laws. He presses for the “utter extirpation of the pest of the Jews” and decrees that all converts must be registered by a parish priest, who must issue travel permits. All holidays, Christian and Jewish, must be spent in the presence of a priest to ensure piety and to prevent the backsliding. 692 Quinisext Council in Constantinople forbids Christians on pain of excommunication to bathe in public baths with Jews, employ a Jewish doctor or socialize with Jews. 694 17th Council of Toledo. King Ergica believes rumors that the Jews had conspired to ally themselves with the Muslim invaders and forces Jews to give all land, slaves and buildings bought from Christians, to his treasury. He declares that all Jewish children over the age of seven should be taken from their homes and raised as Christians.

608–610 Massacres of Jews all across the Byzantine Empire. 610–620 After many of his anti-Jewish edicts were ignored, king Sisebur prohibits Judaism. Those not baptized fled. This was the first incidence where a prohibition of Judaism affected an entire country. 614 Fifth Council of Paris decrees that all Jews holding military or civil positions must accept baptism, together with their families. 614–617 The Jewish revolt against Heraclius. The last serious attempt to gain Jewish autonomy in the Land of Israel prior to modern times. 615 Italy. The earliest referral to the Juramentum Judaeorum (the Jewish Oath): the concept that no heretic could be believed in court against a Christian. The oath became standardized throughout Europe in 1555. 617 After breaking their promise of Jewish autonomy in Jerusalem, the Persians forbid Jews from settling within three miles of the city. 624 Mohammed watches as 600 Jews are decapitated in Medina in one day. 626–627 The Council of Clichy declared that any Jew who accepts public office must convert. 627 93 Jews are killed in the Battle of Khaybar. 629 Byzantine Emperor Heraclius with his army marches into Jerusalem. Jewish inhabitants support him after his promise of amnesty. Upon his entry into Jerusalem the local priests convince him that killing Jews is a good deed. The only Jews that survived were the ones who fled to Egypt or the mountains. 629

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