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Lost in space and light years away from earth is the Jupiter Mining Ship Red Dwarf. In the late 22nd century, an on-board radiation leak kills all of the crew except for low-ranking technician Dave Lister, who is in suspended animation at the time, and his pregnant cat, Frankenstein, who is safely sealed in the cargo hold.

Red Dwarf - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 1988-02-15

Red Dwarf - Spacecraft in Red Dwarf - Netflix

The British television comedy Red Dwarf prominently features many different spaceships. The three principal ships are the Red Dwarf ship itself and its two main types of shuttlecraft, known as Starbug and Blue Midget. Several other ships have appeared for one or two episodes only but are nonetheless important to Red Dwarf continuity. Several spaceships have been seen only in one episode, and a few ships have also been mentioned but not seen.

Red Dwarf - SS Trojan - Netflix

The SS Trojan is a derelict “Quantum Twister” ship discovered by the crew in the episode “Trojan” (2012). It is driven by a quantum rod, a device which tunnels through spacetime by attracting together related matter which emerged from the Big Bang.

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