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The series takes place after a thousand years passed since Merlin's initial victory over Morgana. Mentored by the ageless Merlin, the Jewel Riders are the young female champions of goodness and magical guardians of New Camelot, who uphold the laws of the peaceful kingdom of Avalon and defend its people for generations. But with Merlin suddenly gone, the current trio of Jewel Riders, aided by their animal friends, get tasked with saving Avalon from evil.

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1995-09-10

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders - List of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders characters - Netflix

The following is the list of principal fictional characters from the children's animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (also known as Starla & the Jewel Riders outside of North America). The series follows the quest of a young princess of Avalon, Gwenevere (Starla), and her friends, Fallon and Tamara, to find and secure the scattered enchanted jewels and thus stop the evil Lady Kale from taking over the kingdom, restore harmony in magic, and bring the banished wizard Merlin home. In the second season, the Jewel Riders receive more powers and new costumes to battle Kale and the mighty Morgana for more magical jewels that too need to be kept out the grasp of dark forces. The titular trio of teenage Jewels Riders consist of Gwenevere / Starla (voiced by Kerry Butler in the first season and Jean Louisa Kelly in the second season), whose Special Friend is the winged unicorn Sunstar (Deborah Allison), and her friends: Fallon (Allison), riding Moondance the unicorn (Barbara Jean Kearney), and Tamara (Laura Dean), who in the second season gets the “zebracorn” Shadowsong (Henry Mandell). Each of their Jewels has different magical abilities and their own colors and corresponding gemstones of various powers, also allowing them to communicate with their animals. Gwen and her friends are aided by the Merlin's talking owl named Archie (John Beach Voiceguy). In their missions, the Jewel Riders are also sometimes aided by the Pack, led by Gwen's aspiring boyfriend Drake (Voiceguy). In the second season, a relatively major character comes into the story: Ian (Bob Kaliban), the man-wolf prince of the Forest of Arden who falls in love with Gwen. The series' main antagonist is initially Lady Kale (Corinne Orr, who also voices Kale's good sister Queen Anya), Gwen's villainous aunt. She is aided by her dragon Grimm (Peter Fernandez) and a duo of dweezels (dweasels), the small minion creatures named Rufus and Twig (Voiceguy and Mandell, respectively). The prime enemy in the second season is Morgana (Allison), with Kale reduced to her insubordinate sidekick.

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders - Development history - Netflix

Gwenevere was named Guinevere (but still shortened to 'Gwen') in a 1994 draft. She was also supposed to have a younger sister named Tara. In another early concept, the Sun Stone would be using different colors of the rainbow to access different powers. Fallon was named Alexandra (shortened to 'Alex') in a 1994 draft, and she would also carry a sword. In an early concept, a fourth member of the Pack, Brand, was going to be a “stubborn traditionalist” who had objected to Alex riding with the boys of the Pack, but eventually she was accepted as the first girl allowed to do this. Alex was supposed to have a little dragon named Sky Dancer. Tamara was named Melody in a 1994 draft. Her parents would be named May and Orvan (changed to Doc and Charity in the final version). It has been speculated by some authors that 'Lady Kale' may be an anagram for Lady of the Lake, but Lady of the Lake is a different character featured in the season two episode “Lady of the Lake”. In one early draft of the show, the Dark Stone was supposed to be simply a generic name for a jewel untuned by Merlin instead of the specific jewel; it would be green colored and to be found in a magical pool, after which Kale would wear it on a necklace. In an early concept, Kale’s original hair color was described as “fluorescent” and her color scheme was going to be “bruised purple” (these became black and shades of red in the show's final version); whenever Kale used the Dark Stone, the power would possess her and shine purple light through her eyes. Her dragon helmet was also supposed to “glow red with power”. In a 1994 draft, Kale would not just throw Merlin into Wild Magic, she instead vaporizes him into “pixie dust” (the fate ultimately bestowed on her at the end of season one). In early scripts, she was supposed to end up as a crystal statue in the final episodes. Queen Anya was named Queen Angelene in a 1994 draft, and Queen Adrianna in an early 1995 script; Drake was named Shawn in a 1994 draft, where his wolf was named Thunder. In an early concept, there was going to be much more of a love triangle between him (described as a son of the Earl of the Riverdells Township), Gwen, and Melody (Tamara). Max was named Thomas in a 1994 draft. In early scripts, Ian was named Ranger. he was described as “'Fabio' meets Tarzan'” and was originally envisioned as a bearlike beast. Sunstar was golden-colored and named Amber in a 1994 draft. Moondance was named Midnight in a 1994 draft, and Moonglow in a later concept. The dweezles were originally described as “weasel stooges” in a 1994 draft and the Babies were named Cleo, Samantha and Rusty while Wintermane was to be a white tiger. In a 1994 draft, aside from Grimm, Rufus and Twig, Kale would also have a giant blue bat named Nitemary, a green snake named Slither, and a purple singing goblin named Geezer.

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