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Primavera is a Venezuelan telenovela made by producer Coral for the private Venezuelan chain RCTV in 1987. It is a remake of the telenovela María Teresa, original of the Cuban writer Delia Fiallo, with an adaptation of Vivel Nouel and had as protagonists Gigi Zanchetta and Fernando Carrillo.

Primavera - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

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Conjunto Primavera is a Mexican conjunto group from Ojinaga, Chihuahua. In the 1990s and 2000s they became one of the most popular groups in the genre. Conjunto Primavera was formed on the first day of spring in 1978 by the saxophonist Juan Dominguez. They remained a local act for several years, but starting in 1980, they signed with an indie label, Joey Records, in San Antonio, Texas. It was at Joey Records where Conjunto Primavera would not only record popular covers such as “La Sirenita”, “Paloma Querida”, and “Noches Eternas”, but subsequent fan favorites such as “Borracho Y Loco”, “Cuatro Primaveras”, and “10 Kilometros.” However, the group was still far from popular. Starting in the mid-80's, Conjunto Primavera would start recording romantic ballads with saxophone and electric keyboard, a style that the norteño group would become known for in the years to come. Another major change took place in 1988 when lead singer Nacho Galindo announced he was leaving the group to become a Christian artist. Not long after, Tony Melendez takes the position at 18 years old and starts to take the group into a new direction. To further their success, Conjunto Primavera signed a new contract with AFG Sigma Records in 1993 and recorded their first major success Me Nortie; not long after, AFG was bought out by Mexican label Fonovisa. Since their first release on Fonovisa in 1996, the group has released several gold-selling albums and has been nominated for many Latin Grammy awards. In 2008, the group received the Billboard Latin Music Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2014, at the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards they were awarded the Latin Grammy award Best Norteño Album for their album Amor Amor.

Primavera - Discography - Netflix

Studio, live albums, and singles Borracho y Loco (1980) (First album in Joey Records,and debut) Chihuahua, Mexico (1981) De Ojinaga, Chihuahua (1982) Almas Perdidas (1983) Cuatro Primaveras (1984) El Viboron (1985) Cumbias y Rancheras (1985) La Otra (1986) La Cuerda (1987) Demasiado Tarde (1988) Andos Sin Frenos (1989) (Last Nacho Galindo album) Me Voy, Me Voy (1989) (First Tony Melendez album) Con Las Manos Vacias (1990) Vas a Conseguir (1991) Lo Mejor, Lo Ultimo (1991) Tu (1992) Y Otra Vez (1992) (Last album on Joey Records) Me Nortie (1993)(First Album On AFG Sigma Records) Amigo Mesero (1994) Tragedias del Pueblo (also released under the title “Censurado”) (1995) (Last album on AFG Sigma Records) Me Nacio del Alma (1996) (First album in Fonovisa) U.S. Billboard Top Latin Albums #35 Sangre de Valiente (1997) De Nuevo A Tu Lado (1997) Necesito Decirte (1998) U.S. Latin #13 En Vivo (1999) U.S. Latin #34 Morir de Amor (2000) U.S. #153, U.S. Latin #1 Ansia de Amar (2001) U.S. #139, U.S. Latin #1 En Vivo Para Ti, Vol. 2 (2002) U.S. Latin #28 Perdoname Mi Amor (2002) U.S. #117, U.S. Latin #2 Decide Tú (2003) U.S. #124, U.S. Latin #3 Miles de Voces en Vivo (2004) U.S. Latin #10 Hoy Como Ayer (2005) U.S. #58, U.S. Latin #2 Algo de Mi (2006) U.S. #82, U.S. Latin #2 De Gira Con...Conjunto Primavera (2006) U.S. Latin #69 De Gira Con...Conjunto Primavera 2 (2006) El Amor Que Nunca Fue (2007) U.S. #89, U.S. Latin #4 Que Ganas de Volver (2008) Mentir Por Amor (2009) U.S.

103, U.S. Latin #2 30 Aniversario En Vivo (2009) U.S. Latin #18 Empaca

Tus Cosas (2010) U.S. Latin #7 En Vivo (2010) U.S. Latin Al mismo nivel (2012) U.S. Latin Amor Amor (2014) U.S. Latin (Winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Norteno Album) Un Desengaño (single, duet with Ricky Muñoz from Intocable) (June 16, 2015) +Historia (Sept 11, 2015) Dejame Llorar (single, duet with Ricardo Montaner) (2016) Perdoname (single, 2017) Con Toda La Fuerza (2017) Compilations El Recado (2000) U.S. Latin

7 Recado de Amor (2001) U.S. Latin #32 Exitos Originales (2001) U.S.

Latin #72 Nuestra Historia (2003) U.S. #159, U.S. Latin #4 Dejando Huella (2004) U.S. #107, U.S. Latin #1 Dos Romanticos de Corazon (2004) U.S. Latin #16 2 en 1 (2005) U.S. Latin #34 20 Llegadores (2005) U.S. Latin #16 Dejando Huella II (2005) U.S. #158, U.S. Latin #5 Linea de Oro (2006) U.S. Latin #51 Para Ti...Nuestra Historia (2006) U.S. #174, U.S. Latin #6 Chihuahua a Durango (2007) U.S. Latin #45 Dejando Huella...El Final (2007) U.S. Latin #20 La Mejor...Collecion: 30 Super Exitos (2007) U.S. Latin #68 20 Super Temas: La Historia De Los Exitos (2009) U.S. Latin #15 Serie Diamante: 30 Super Exitos (2009) U.S. Latin #43 20 Kilates Romanticos (2015) U.S. Latin

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