Pressure Pad - Netflix

John Barrowman invites two teams of five contestants to descend into the Pressure Pad to compete in a series of head-to-head games in a battle to reach the final and the chance to win £3000.

Pressure Pad - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-11-04

Pressure Pad - Trailer brake controller - Netflix

A brake controller is usually an OEM or aftermarket installed device or module. It is mounted to the tow vehicle's driver's-side dashboard area, and engages a trailer’s electrical braking system either time delayed, or in proportion to the tow vehicle's brake engagement when slowing down or coming to a halt. A brake controller is not needed with a trailer surge braking system unless using modern electric over hydraulic devices. The trailer in this case usually has either electric friction brakes or electric-hydraulic trailer brake actuators. Most basic brake controllers will generally have a +/- gain adjustment. The tow vehicle operator would set the gain as high as possible but without the trailer brakes locking up after making a few test stops. The heavier the trailer, the higher the gain adjustment would be set and therefore the less chances of wheel lock-up. A wide range of trailers will contain trailer brakes (for example; larger boat trailers, horse trailers, covered utility trailers, enclosed trailers, travel trailers including small 10-foot and longer tent trailers and car carriers). Smaller trailers may not contain trailer brakes (for example; basic 4'x8' utility trailers). It is highly recommended that, if the total trailer weight is over a couple thousand pounds, the trailer have some sort of braking system, and the tow vehicle be equipped with a brake controller.

Pressure Pad - Hydraulic actuated electric controller - Netflix

This controller uses the hydraulic pressure of the brake system on a vehicle with hydraulic brakes to provide a current to control the electric brakes of a trailer. Some truck manufacturers offers this as an OEM option, like Ford with its Ford TowCommand.

Pressure Pad - References - Netflix