Police Story - Netflix

This NBC anthology series features stories of the men in blue: police officers. Some are funny, some are deadly serious. But each story examines the life of a cop.

Police Story - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1973-03-20

Police Story - New Police Story - Netflix

New Police Story is a 2004 Hong Kong action film produced and directed by Benny Chan, and also produced by and starring Jackie Chan. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 24 September 2004. The film is a reboot of the Police Story series and is the fifth film in the series. New Police Story relies much more on drama and heavy action than its predecessors.

Police Story - Plot - Netflix

In the hospital, Ho Yee has recovered and prepares to leave before accepting Chan's marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Frank is led away by Officer Sa Sa. When Chan looks at the jacket Frank left behind, he remembers meeting an orphaned Frank.

In the present day, a group of rebellious youths rob a bank with the intention of shooting police officers before making their escape. Inspector Chan Kwok-wing and his squad are called to arrest the gang after their hideout is revealed. However, the hideout is rigged with traps, and the entire squad is decimated. Being the sole survivor of the incident, a guilt-ridden Chan takes a year long leave from the police force to binge-drink. Chan is discovered by a stranger (Nicholas Tse) and taken to the stranger's home. The stranger identifies himself to Chan as PC 138, Frank Cheng, his new partner. Frank tries various means to convince Chan to cancel his leave and take up the case but Chan refuses. However, Chan comes to his senses eventually by apprehending the same two youths that robbed him in an earlier scene while Chan was drunk. At the police station, Frank tells Chan that he is Kwong's younger brother, which convinces Chan to relook into the case. Chan's superior Chiu Chan (Yu RongGuang), initially believing that Chan's overconfidence alone was responsible for the disastrous raid, challenges them to solve the case before he does. Frank and Chan convince former colleague Sam Wong to reveal a clue from the night of the first robbery, a watch which he snatched from one of the robbers during a confrontation in. He tells them that one of the gang members is a woman and that they like to play X-Games. This is confirmed by fellow police officer Sa Sa (Charlene Choi). Chan and Frank are tailed by Chiu and the police as they search the owner of the watch at an upcoming X-Games event; Sam had been arrested by the police to assist in the investigation. At the event, held on the rooftop of a skyscraper, Frank and Chan manage to locate one of the gang members, Fire (Terence Yin), while Sam and the police interrupt the event and single out the woman robber, Sue (Coco Chiang). Before they can apprehend her, however, Fire instigates a gunfight by killing Sam in order to escape. Sam confesses to Chan that he was blackmailed by the gang to aid them in ambushing Chan's team due to the bag of money he took from Sue to pay off his debts. Chiu, upon overhearing this, has a change of heart. To distract Chan's pursuit, Fire shoots at a bus driver, forcing Chan and Frank to save the bus. When Chan's old commanding officer, Chief Tai comes to him to complain about the collateral damage, he admits to him that he never sent for PC 138. Chan angrily confronts Frank, when Frank admits that even though he failed the exam, all he wanted to be is a good cop. Chan is convinced that Frank is sincere, and the two are briefed by Frank's friend, Officer Sa Sa that the gang members all come from rich families and the leader Joe (Daniel Wu) is actually the son of the police chief. Sue and Fire return to the gang's new hideout. Seeing Sue's gunshot injury, Joe fatally shoots her. Joe's gang accesses Chan's police file on a computer, and plant a bomb on Chan's girlfriend, Ho Yee, in the police station. He wraps a time bomb around her neck before leaving. When Chan learns of the bomb he desperately tries to free her. Ho Yee cuts the wires, with no effect, leading the police to believe that it is a fake. But when the two get ready to leave, a small wire attached to Ho Yee's back pulls out the secondary trigger, causing the bomb to explode. Before she can escape, it explodes and some falling pipes land on her, knocking her into a coma. Learning of Frank's false identity, Chan and Frank are arrested by the police force temporarily, long before the pair are unofficially released to apprehend the gang. Chan, Frank and Sa Sa learn that the gang's next target is the Bank of Hong Kong. In order to avoid another botched raid, Chan has the officers escort the public out of the building, and brings the gang members' parents to cause dissent within Joe's gang, prompting Joe to kill gang member Max for surrendering. Afterwards, Chan and Frank run up to engage the remaining gang members. Frank manages to disable Fire. Chan chases Tin Tin. Chan asks him to have a rematch. The two engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Chan defeating Tin Tin. Joe then chases Frank into the hall and shoots at him. In the crossfire, Tin Tin is shot in the chest. Joe chases Frank out of the room moments before the Special Duties Unit arrives. Tin Tin grabs a gun from the floor and points it at Chan's back. Chan, oblivious to what's happening behind him, calls out to the squad to bring in a medic for Tin Tin, prompting Tin Tin to spare Chan. Chan finds Joe on the roof. Having captured and tied up Frank, Joe threatens to throw him to his death. Joe challenges Chan to a race to assemble a semi automatic pistol, a rematch of an earlier challenge. This time, Chan chambers the bullet first and wins the game, much to Joe's disbelief. A number of policemen arrive on the roof, along with Joe's father. Joe's father reprimands him, while Chan tells Joe that he knows that he doesn't hate cops, he merely hates his father for berating him. Due to what Chan and his father have said, Joe finally admits defeat and deliberately unloads the single bullet in his gun and aims the empty gun at Chan, choosing suicide-by-cop. Chan rushes to rescue Frank and both of them fall off the building, landing on a fireman's inflated cushion.

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