Philly Undercover - Netflix

Docuseries following the Pennsylvania SPCA and the work of a team of specialist police officers who use surveillance techniques and equipment to combat dog-fighting, illegal pet trading, and other animal cruelty crimes.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-01-07

Philly Undercover - List of New York Undercover episodes - Netflix

This is a complete list of episodes of the American police drama New York Undercover, which originally aired on the Fox network from September 8, 1994, to June 25, 1998, through 4 seasons with 89 episodes produced. The episode number reflects the order in which they were aired, which sometimes differed from the order of filming.

Philly Undercover - Season 4 (1998) - Netflix

Major cast and plot changes were made to the series at the beginning of season 4. Jonathan LaPaglia and Michael DeLorenzo departed (leading to the shooting death of Det. Tommy McNamara and the bombing death of Det. Eddie Torres) Consequently, the nightclub Natalie's was eliminated as a regular setting, and the weekly musical guest appearances came to an end. As a result of all these changes, ratings for the show dramatically dropped forcing Fox to cancel the series, leaving the series finale “Catharsis” unaired until the series entered syndication in 1998; the episode aired in 1999.

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