Palce lizać - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Polish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1999-10-31

Palce lizać - Mazurek (cake) - Netflix

Mazurek is a variety of very sweet, flat cake baked in Poland for Easter. In some regions it is also prepared at Christmas and holiday season. According to Polish gastronomy coursebooks, typical mazurek is a cake that can be made of one or two sheets of short (or “half-short”) pastry or one sheet of short (or “half-short”) pastry covered with a sheet of butter sponge cake. The two sheets are “glued” together with a help of a layer of marmalade. In case of one-sheet version, marmalade is skipped or goes on top, under the layer of icing. The top of mazurek is covered with a layer of icing (i.e. sugar icing or fudge caramel cream) or jelly. It is also decorated with nut-based icing or almond-based icing and candied fruits. Traditionally, home-baked mazurek cakes are often decorated with dried fruits and nuts. In case of one-sheet version the cake includes the borders made of rolled “half-short” pastry. Sometimes the shortcrust base is crowned with a lattice made of half-short or macaroon pastry. Among other versions, often to be found in popular cook books and gastronomy coursebooks is “Gypsy mazurek” (mazurek cygański). A sheet of “half-short” pastry is “half-baked”, covered with a layer made of dried fruit, almonds, egg yolks creamed with sugar and whipped egg white and baked again.

Palce lizać - Appearance and symbolism - Netflix

Its symbolism is closely associated with the period of Wielki Post (Polish for Lent) thus marking its successful completion. In fact, after a 40-day fast (not a total abstinence from food by any means), which is celebrated in Christian liturgy in memory of the Temptation of Christ, mazurek was supposed to be the rich reward for adherence to faith and tradition. Although today, the religious meaning of mazurek is virtually lost in Poland, the cake is closely associated with the seasonal celebrations nevertheless. Usually, the decorative patterns includes Easter symbols like hares, pussy willows and Easter greetings. News portal Wirtualna Polska insisted that mazurek cannot resemble any other regular cake. It is supposed to be flat in multitude of varieties, each with different flavour and lavishly decorated. Twelve of them (served side by side, as claimed by the magazine), would not be entirely out of line traditionally. At Christmas, the emphasis on a symbolic number twelve is closely related to the Twelve Apostles at the Last Supper, celebrated by Catholics by twelve different food offerings.

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