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"Out of This World" was a science fiction series broadcast in 1962. A spin-off from the Armchair Theatre series, each episode was introduced by Boris Karloff.

Out of This World - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1962-06-24

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Bloodflowers is the eleventh studio album by British alternative rock band The Cure, released in February 2000. The album is seen as a sombre return to form by critics. Robert Smith has expressed on several occasions that the album is the final part in his “trilogy” (the three albums he feels best define The Cure), the first being the 1982 album Pornography, and the second being the 1989 album Disintegration.

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All tracks written by The Cure (Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell). Other tracks recorded “Possession” – was released in the Join the Dots box set. “Just Say Yes” – original version released on the Greatest Hits Demos & Rarities Microsite in 2001; rerecorded version released on the Greatest Hits CD. “You're So Happy (You Could Kill Me)!” – cover version with different music circulates P2P networks. “Heavy World” – instrumental on “Lost Flowers” demo; speculated to be released on the Bloodflowers reissue. “Everything Forever” – instrumental on the “Lost Flowers” demo; speculated to be on the Bloodflowers reissue.

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