Old School Outdoors - Netflix

What do five men from Northwest Louisiana have in common? Their love for the outdoors and passion to share their experiences with others. Old School Outdoors is more than a TV show to our hosts: Greg Hall, Dennis Branton, Lynn Beaty, Sid McCullin, and Max Sharp ….it's a way of life!

Old School Outdoors - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-03

Old School Outdoors - Ranger Rick - Netflix

Ranger Rick, originally Ranger Rick's Nature Magazine, is a children’s nature magazine that is published by the United States National Wildlife Federation. The magazine offers feature articles and activities for children, ages 7 and up, in order to spark their interest in the outdoors and become more actively involved in the environment. The magazine's primary intention is to instill a passion for nature and promote activity outdoors. NWF also publishes two companion magazines, Ranger Rick Jr., which is aimed at ages 4–7, and Ranger Rick Cub, which is aimed at kids 0–4 years old.)

Old School Outdoors - Publication information - Netflix

Ranger Rick has a circulation of 525,000, and an estimated 200,000 more children are exposed to the magazine by viewing pre-used copies. The magazine is published ten times a year by the National Wildlife Federation. The headquarters is in Reston, Virginia.

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