OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Netflix

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is a world of original heroes across the TV and gaming landscape together with the greenlight of this action-packed comedy followed by the console and PC game jointly developed with indie video game studio Capybara games. The knockout series is inspired by creator Ian Jones-Quartey's childhood and follows the heroic feats of K.O., an endlessly optimistic boy attempting to level up to be the best he can be in a dynamic universe of heroes, friends and challenging foes.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-01

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Netflix

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (also known simply as OK K.O.!) is an American action comedy animated series created by Ian Jones-Quartey (known for his work on Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and Nockforce) for Cartoon Network. The show is based on his pilot short Lakewood Plaza Turbo, which was released as part of Cartoon Network's 2013 Summer Shorts project. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The web series premiered on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel and on Cartoon Network Video on February 4, 2016. On March 9, 2017, nearly four years after the original short's premiere, Cartoon Network announced that the television series had been greenlit. The opening sequence was storyboarded by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Imaishi, co-founder of Studio Trigger. On December 4, 2017, the series was confirmed to be renewed for a second season, which premiered on May 5, 2018.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - Cast - Netflix

Stephanie Nadolny – K.O. (in the pilot and some episodes), Gladys (in the pilot) Courtenay Taylor – K.O. (rest of series), T.K.O., Blue Power, Whistle, Baby Shannon, Hon Dew Mena Suvari – Enid (in the pilot) Ashly Burch – Enid (series and shorts), Gladys, Ms. Mummy, Foxy, Cherry, Ball Monster, Rippy Roo, Baby Teeth, Glitter Starlight, Tumbles Ian Jones-Quartey – Radicles, Darrell, Crinkly Wrinkly, Cookie Man, Pird (episode 11), Frat Boy 2, Gregg, Point Trooper, Drone (“Mystery Sleepover”) David Herman – Mr. Gar, Brandon, Jethro, Mad Sam, Beardo, Rat, Steamborg Robot, Young Crinkly Wrinkly, Action News Narrator, Heroic Guy Kate Flannery – Carol, Gertie (in the pilot) Jim Cummings – Lord Boxman, Boxman Jr. Kari Wahlgren – Shannon, Chillcat, Tumbles, Mrs. Gnarlio, Vormulax, Kid, P.O.I.N.T. HQ, Barista Pup Robbie Daymond – Raymond, Co-Bruh, Rex Chris Niosi – Nick Army, Pird, Ernesto, Neil, Face of Fear, Male Lead, Soloist, Anxious Ricky, Wistful Pete, Drone Mary Elizabeth McGlynn – Dynamite Watkins, Miss Quantum, Snake Cole Sanchez – Colewort, Topher, Driver Melissa Villaseñor – Potato, Punching Judy, Drupe, Gertie, Ginger, Mega Football Baby, Shy Ninja, Biki, Phoebe Kali Hawk – Red Action, GPS, Moon Ben Jones – A Real Magic Skeleton, Cactus Person, Zombie Fan James Urbaniak – Mr. Logic, Joff the Shaolin Monk (episode 3), Baby Ernesto Melissa Fahn – Dendy, Mikayla, Krissa, Monkey Lara Jill Miller – Fink, Cantalop Marina Sirtis – Cosma Michael Leon Wooley – The Sun, Ted Viking, Bell Beefer, Galgarion, Big Bull Demon Wallace Shawn – Wally the Wizard Richard McGonagle – Chameleon Sr. Tony Revolori – Chameleon Jr., Dolph Finn Andrés du Bouchet – Joe Cuppa, Small Joe Keith David – Crinky Wrinkly Narration Parker Simmons – Plazamo, Lad Boxman, Skateboard Nerd, Pow Card Narrator, Rude Kid, Fish Dude, Gary, Mimic, Acting Coach, Gerald Nametag, Darrell's Deep Voice, Employee Pup Robbie Rist – Gnarlio, Frat Boy, Corn Shepherd Kath Soucie – Peej, Gnarlio Jr. Steven Ogg – Professor Venomous, Shadowy Figure, Laserblast Jonathan Davis – Succulents Reshma Shetty – Elodie Diedrich Bader – Cupid Carol Kane – Ginger Lola Kirke – Holo-Jane Ron Funches - Sparko Clancy Brown – Pavel, Powio Statue, Mr. Cardsley Nichole Bloom – Pepelina, Carla, Gecky, Nanini, Bobo Dave Fennoy – Guards, Kappa, Ofrang, Bernard, Spanky Michael Sinterniklaas – Hero, Frank Bank Melique Burger – Theodosia, Wilhamena Joe Nipote – Crudde, Corn Shepherd Sterling Jarvis – Rad's Singing Voice LeVar Burton – Kwame David Coburn – Captain Planet Tessa Auberjonois – Dr. Blight Melodee Spevack – Fox Tail Dana Snyder – Doctor Greyman Kurt Angle – Chip Damage Erica Mendez – Black Strategy Carrie Keranen – Yellow Technique Jamie Marchi – Green Guts Justin McElroy – Billiam Milliam Michael Donovan – Director Johnny Wu - Joff the Shaolin Monk Michael Bell - Principal Claus Melanie Chartoff - Sunshine Larissa Gallagher - Miss Pastel, Koala Princess, Demon Queenie

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