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After the success of the network's breakout hit ODDITIES, SCIENCE moves its popular franchise to the West Coast with the world premiere of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO. SCIENCE expands its empire of the eccentric to the epicenter of all things strange at San Francisco's famed Haight Street. There at the infamous antiques shop, Loved to Death, the cabinets of curiosities overflow with bizarre taxidermy, memento Mori Jewelry and art pieces that epitomize the macabre and mysterious.

Oddities: San Francisco - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-06-23

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As of 2012, 21.4% of the population in San Francisco was of Chinese descent, and at least 150,000 Chinese American residents The Chinese are the largest Asian American subgroup in San Francisco. San Francisco has the highest percentage of residents of Chinese descent of any major U.S. city, and the second largest Chinese American population, after New York City. The San Francisco Bay Area is 7.9% Chinese American, with many residents in Oakland and Santa Clara County. San Francisco's Chinese community has ancestry mainly from Guangdong province, China and Hong Kong, although there is a sizable population of ethnic Chinese with ancestry from other parts of mainland China and Taiwan as well.

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Chinatowns in San Francisco: Chinatown, San Francisco Clement Street Chinatown, San Francisco, the “Second Chinatown” Irving Street Chinatown, San Francisco, the “Third Chinatown” Noriega Street Chinatown, San Francisco, the “Fourth Chinatown” Chinatowns around San Francisco: Chinatown, Oakland Chinatown, San Jose, California Milpitas Square, a Chinese shopping center in Milpitas, California

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