Nightmare Cafe - Netflix

Frank Nolan and Fay Peronivic find themselves in a mysterious all-night cafe following a brush with death - but they soon learn that they did, in fact, die, and have been brought back to life by the cafe. Frank and Fay are given the opportunity to correct something in their lives that went wrong the first time, and upon their success, they stay on as the cafe's new cook and waitress. With the aid of Blackie, the enigmatic owner of the cafe, Frank and Fay find themselves dispensing hot coffee, daily specials, justice and second chances to the many imperiled and troubled souls that the cafe is somehow able to attract as it travels from place to place.

Nightmare Cafe - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1992-01-29

Nightmare Cafe - Cafe Hon - Netflix

Cafe Hon is a restaurant in the Hampden area of Baltimore, Maryland, and the site of the annual HonFest every June.

Nightmare Cafe - "Hon" as a trademark - Netflix

In November 2010, Whiting trademarked the term “hon” for use on napkins, buttons, hats and other promotional material to promote Cafe Hon. The trademark, as stated by Whiting, doesn't prevent anyone from saying “hon” or using it in general conversation. The trademark issue was criticized by Dan Rodricks, columnist for The Baltimore Sun: “You can't own something that doesn't belong to you.... 'Hon' isn't unique to Denise Whiting, no matter how special she wants us to believe she is.” Because of Whiting's trademark many citizens of Baltimore were outraged and took to the streets in protest on December 19, 2010, to express their anger. On November 7, 2011, during the taping for Kitchen Nightmares, Whiting held a press conference with Gordon Ramsay present where she announced that she would be relinquishing the “Hon” trademark. Ramsay stated that, with Cafe Hon, “There was a level of hatred that was almost untouchable. I've never known a restaurant to have such a huge issue.” The Cafe Hon episode of Kitchen Nightmares has been briefly described in a Baltimore Sun article, stating that while a typical episode features “slovenly kitchens and indolent staffs'” the Cafe Hon episode dealt with a “unique” public relations issue, “one woman vs. a city.” Whiting stated that the controversy over trademarking the word “Hon” had a huge toll on her business and her own health, she estimated that since it was first revealed in December 2010 that “Hon” was trademarked to her, she estimated a “20 to 25 percent drop off” in sales and that she needed to sell her IRAs just to meet payroll. Whiting filed to have the trademark canceled and announced it on Facebook on November 11, 2011.

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