Next Stop for Charlie - Netflix

Charlie Murray is on one hell of a vacation. Financed by his aunt, Charlie plays private eye as he tracks his M.I.A. cousin Eric across six continents and multiple countries. Turns out Eric is on a quest to attend all of the world's biggest parties, and Charlie is taken along for the ride of his life. From Brussels to Bangkok, the Outback to Osaka, travel with Charlie as he is variously whipped, stripped, and double back-flipped in this outrageous globetrotting comedy, starring and directed by Neil Mandt.

Next Stop for Charlie - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-11-04

Next Stop for Charlie - Tango Charlie - Netflix

Tango Charlie is a 2005 Indian Hindi war film written and directed by Mani Shankar. The film stars Ajay Devgn, Bobby Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Tanisha, Nandana Sen and Sudesh Berry. The film follows paramilitary man Tarun Chauhan (Bobby Deol) journey from young police recruit to war-hardened fighter in the Indian border security force. The film presents the idea that real soldiers are not born, but bred. The film deals with insurgency and extremism in various parts of India, and was described by BBC's Jaspreet Pandohar as “an interesting study of Indian terrorism, violence, and valour”. The Hindu newspaper called the film “a visual treat with a daring theme” and “dares to enter where the Indian media shies away”.

Next Stop for Charlie - Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat - Netflix

On their next assignment, he is surprised to know that the platoon will now try to quench the Hindu-Muslim religious riots taking place in the western province of Gujarat. Upon arriving at the chaotic scene, the police chief desperately tries to calm the crowd. When he is shot and killed by an extremist, Mike Alpha (Havaldar Mohammed Ali) orders the platoon to open fire. Many innocent people are killed in the volley. Chauhan spots the extremist and tries to shoot him. He accidentally hits a bystander who pops into the way. After the chaos, Chauhan goes to the victim's family for forgiveness. Instead of forgiving him, they nearly beat him to death even after he tells them that it was a mistake. Mike Alpha intervenes and tells them that the BSF isn't here to kill innocent people but to stop people from committing acts of violence. While in a military hospital, Havaldar Ali tells his own tragic story in which he was assigned to save the family of a rich landlord from Naxalites in Bengal. The terrorists were able to kill almost everyone at the landlord's daughter's wedding. Even with all the effort, he and his group miserably failed; the daughter was killed by the terrorists before Mike Alpha finished them off. He claims it was the first time that he listened to his heart and not to his brains. Chauhan gets a letter saying that Lachchi Narayan is getting married to another person. He dashes home and realises that it was a trap set by her to see how much he loved her. The next day she steals his diary and reads it. She is shocked by the events Chauhan had witnessed. She apologises and they soon get married.

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