Nelly & Nora - Netflix

"Nelly & Nora", spend their family holidays and weekends in a mobile home camping park by the sea. They love freedom and adventure, and are never put off by the weather!

Nelly & Nora - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 7 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-13

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The following is a list of characters in the BBC sitcom Last of the Summer Wine. The series focused primarily on a trio of old men and their interaction with other characters in the town. Due to the longevity of the series it was often necessary to replace key characters due to an actor's death, illness, or unavailability for other reasons. Many characters were first seen in “one-off” appearances and were popular enough or felt to have enough potential for them to be brought back as regulars, in some instances replacing previous members of the cast.

Nelly & Nora - Herbert "Truly of the Yard" Truelove (Frank Thornton) - Netflix

(1997–2010) The second (and last) successor to Foggy. A retired policeman, Truly was initially played with a pompous self-importance in all things criminal. However, this aspect of the character was fairly quickly softened, and Truly is more relaxed and fun-loving, and can be more of an equal match at the local pub than his predecessors as third man . He can also be a bit more devious with practical jokes or witty schemes. Likewise, he can be equally sly in getting people out of a scrape or just helping out a friend. He is divorced, and makes disparaging comments about “the former Mrs. Truelove” (who evidently feels the same way about him, judging by the reaction of her new husband, who appears in one episode, to Truly). The former Mrs Truelove is an unseen character. Because of his previous job in the police, Truly refers to himself as “Truly of the Yard”, he was also once misheard and thought to have said he was “Trudy” (of the Yard). In early appearances he was initially shown as snobbish and pompous, like his predecessors (sometimes taking out his police notebook in unnecessary situations) but he gradually became a more likeable character and made less snide remarks over Compo's attire. He also appeared to be more respected than his predecessors by the other regular characters such as Wesley and Howard as well as the local ladies. In the two final series he is demoted to a secondary character along with Norman Clegg, so his role as third man was filled by Hobbo.

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