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My Mother the Car may very well be known as the most notorious short-lived sitcom of all time and it's solely due to it's premise, a talking car. The pilot episode introduces us to the world of Dave Crabtree. Dave is your ordinary family man, married to wife Barbara and they have two children, Randy and Cindy. However, it's when he purchases a 1928 Porter, that he discovers that another family member is living with him, his deceased mother. It seems Dave Crabtree's mother has been reincarnated as the car.

My Mother the Car - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1965-09-14

My Mother the Car - My Mother the Car - Netflix

My Mother the Car is an American fantasy sitcom that aired for a single season on NBC between September 14, 1965, and April 5, 1966. A total of 30 episodes were produced by United Artists Television. Critics and adult viewers generally panned the show, often savagely. In 2002, TV Guide proclaimed it to be the second-worst of all time, behind The Jerry Springer Show. Allan Burns, co-creator of My Mother the Car, went on to create several critically acclaimed shows, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, and Lou Grant. Television producer James L. Brooks, who later collaborated with Burns on these series, created, among others, Room 222 and Taxi, and served as executive producer of The Simpsons (which later parodied the show in the “Lovematic Grandpa” segment of “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase”), got his start in television sitcoms when he was called upon to rewrite a script for an episode of the series. The other co-creator, Chris Hayward, produced and wrote for Barney Miller during its first several seasons.

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Jerry Van Dyke as Dave Crabtree Maggie Pierce as Barbara Crabtree (née Netwick) Ann Sothern as Mother the 1928 Porter (formerly Gladys Crabtree (née Brown)) Avery Schreiber as Captain Bernard Manzini Cindy Eilbacher as Cindy Crabtree Randy Whipple as Randy Crabtree Paula Winslowe as Grandma Netwick

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