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Mona the Vampire is a Canadian/French animated television series based on the series Robyn le Vampire, directed by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon, originally based on the short stories created and written Sonia Holleyman and later written by Hiawyn Oram. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of 10-year-old Mona Parker (a.k.a. Mona the Vampire) and her friends as they battle a new foe of the supernatural in every episode.

Mona the Vampire - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 1999-09-13

Mona the Vampire - Mona (name) - Netflix

Mona is a female, and sometimes male, given name and a surname of multiple origins.

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As a surname, Mona can have two origins. In Italian and Greek, it is a feminine form of Moni which is a short form of Simone, the Italian form of Simon. In Arabic countries, it is derived from the given name Muna, meaning " unreachable wishes". It is the plural form of the word Munia (مـُـنيه). Notable people with the surname include: Domenico Mona (1550-1602), Italian late-Renaissance painter István Móna (1940-2010), Hungarian modern pentathlete and Olympic champion Khwezi Mona (born 1992), South African rugby union player

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