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"Excellent Souls (ExSo)" is a rock band consists of Lee Min Ki, Kang Hyuk, Yoo Han Chul and Han Ki Joon. However, they were unable to debut due to certain circumstances and they continue to live as normal ordinary people. After seven years, Min Ki was caught by a loan shark. In order to pay back his debt, he decided to move to the countryside and becoming a farmer to grow cabbages. The other ExSo members also follow Min Ki to the village with the aim to realize their old dream to debut and make an album. While coming to the Hadurok Ri village, Min Ki accidentally jumped into his childhood first love, Yoonhee. This drama tells the stories of their dreams, loves and friendships.

Modern Farmer - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-18

Modern Farmer - Farmer–Labor Party - Netflix

The first modern Farmer–Labor Party in the United States emerged in Minnesota in 1918. Economic dislocation caused by American entry into World War I put agricultural prices and workers' wages into imbalance with rapidly escalating retail prices during the war years, and farmers and workers sought to make common cause in the political sphere to redress their grievances.

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The demise of the Federated Farmer–Labor Party did not mean an end to the Farmer–Labor Party movement, however. The regular Farmer–Labor Party continued to exist at the state level, with state and local organizations in Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Washington, the Dakotas, and elsewhere. The national organization continued under the leadership of National Chairman W.M. Piggott and National Secretary Bert Miller. The group's 1920 Presidential candidate, Parley Parker Christensen, attended the Dec. 12, 1924, meeting of the National Committee of the Conference for Progressive Political Action and was made a member of the committee of arrangements for the CPPA's forthcoming February 21–22, 1925, conference. A Convention of the loyal members of the Farmer–Labor Party was called for that same time and place, where it aimed to cooperate with the CPPA in the formation of a labor party. There were subsequent attempts to reconstitute a national Farmer–Labor Party into the 1930s, without the participation of either the CPUSA or the Socialist Party. Frank Webb was the remnant party's candidate in 1928. For the 1932 Presidential election, Jacob Coxey campaigned as the Farmer–Labor Party candidate in a few states. In neither election did the party receive more than 8,000 votes.

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