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Jeremy Kyle joins the team at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield, East Yorkshire, the largest, toughest driving school in the world. It's here that every driver deployed in Afghanistan is trained and the skills learned in training help save lives on the front line. Over the course of 12 weeks Jeremy follows a group of trainees learning to drive for the first time and a group of experienced soldiers who are learning to drive highly specialist vehicles ready for Afghanistan. The series follows servicemen and women at all levels - from teenage soldiers straight out of basic training, to battle hardened veterans coming back for extra training.

Military Driving School - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-04-19

Military Driving School - Driving licence in Sweden - Netflix

Swedish driving licences (Swedish: Körkort) adhere to a standard set in the European Economic Area. 18 years is the minimum age to obtain a licence for cars (lower for some vehicles).

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A learner's permit can be issued at age 16. The student may choose to learn by going to a driving school or in private with up to four different instructors. Usually a mix of the two is used. These instructors must be 24 or older and must have held a valid driver's licence for five years (it must not have been cancelled temporarily for drunk driving and other serious traffic violations, but a single speeding conviction is now acceptable). The instructors and student must go through a traffic safety course before permission is granted; it takes about three hours to complete and is usually given at all driving schools on certain dates. From 2010 it is enough for every student and every instructor to go on this course once; before that each instructor and student pair had to go together, e.g. father/elder child, mother/elder child, father/younger child, mother/younger child.

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