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MEET YOUR MAKER is an docu-series exploring a broad group of artisans collectively defined as makers. Fronted by charismatic entertainer Sean Jordan, viewers follow the curious explorer as he travels across the country to meet the most colourful and compelling makers. He's on a mission to understand their craft, watch how they make things and see what makes their creations valuable and coveted by others.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: In Development

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Tehran Taboo (in Persian تهران تابوی) is a 2017 German-Austrian animated film directed by Ali Soozandeh. Animated through rotoscope, the film tells the story of three women and a male musician living in Tehran and their desperate attempts at coping with Iran's strict religious laws and resulting double standards. The film was screened in the International Critics' Week section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, and was released in the United States in February 2018.

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Soozandeh, who had previously produced short films and animation for documentaries, has said that inspiration for the film was a conversation he overheard between two young Iranians on a train concerning their experiences with women in Iran. One of them talked about a prostitute who was working with her six-year-old child. The anecdote about the prostitute and child was the “lightning bolt” that made him want to tell this story, and it became one of the plot elements in Tehran Taboo. Soozandeh used the rotoscoping process because it was impossible to shoot the movie in Tehran, and other cities have their own traits that made them inappropriate for a realistic film set in Iran. To surmount that issue he used rotoscoping, which combines live action with animation. Actors were filmed against a green backdrop, and animation was added to allow insertion of background details specific to Tehran. He has said that his aim in making the film was to inspire social change in Iran.

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