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"Max & Shred" is a buddy comedy about the unlikely friendship that forms when easygoing superstar snowboarder, Max Asher, moves in with anxious academic, Alvin Ackerman, and his family. The show centers on the boys' odd couple relationship as they help and hinder each other through the trials of teenage life. Abby, Alvin's driven older sister, and Howie, Alvin's super smart eight-year-old protégé aid the boys in their adventures. Each half hour multi-cam episode will comically highlight the challenges of the young science whiz living with a celebrity athlete in the bustling ski town of Blizzard Springs. It's gonna be siiiick!

Max & Shred - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-06

Max & Shred - Jonny Gray (actor) - Netflix

Jonathan Gray (born May 5, 1999) is a Canadian actor known for the series Max & Shred.

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Jonathan Gray was born in Ilderton, Ontario, Canada. In 2012, he won a video contest to become a reporter for the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Thailand. In 2014, he was cast in the main role in the series Max & Shred on Nickelodeon, interpreting 'Max Asher'.

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